9 years and counting…

What to say about being married almost ten years? Well, mostly I feel old.

We are becoming that old married couple, who buys each other things like houses & cars & groceries, so the need for an anniversary present really isn’t that necessary.

We spend our anniversary dinner at the local Cheddars, run to Hobby Lobby for crafts for the kids and then by Publix to pick up a few things on the way home, all of this happening before 9 pm on a Tuesday night. The kids are running around like wild monkeys and our babysitters, aka Nan & Paps, ask what we’re doing home so soon.

You know, old married couple stuff is what life looks like 9 years later. I’m pretty happy living this ordinary life, with this guy by my side, going through life’s milestones together.

Next year though? We’re going to celebrate big. I’m thinking a trip to somewhere we’ve never been before, just me & him. Lazy mornings, 3 uninterrupted meals each day, sightseeing and shopping, and coming home to three wild monkeys after a goooooood trip together.



9 years later and we can still take a pretty good wedding day pose picture…

Week six and seven in #ourforeverfloridahome.

Working during the summer is no joke.

Most normal people, who have always worked year-round have no clue what I mean by this or what the big deal is. But being a teacher for almost 9 years and having summers off during that time leave me feeling very odd this first summer that I’m actually left to work.

Mostly, not spending as much time with my kids as I used to during the summer is the hardest part, but also not having that laid back summer schedule is hard, too. Life is almost just as busy now as it is during the school year, because although the kids don’t have school going on, Mike & I still have work, and making sure the kids are being taken care of (and also having a fun summer) still keeps me just as busy as them being in school.

Hence the reason I forgot week six in #ourforeverfloridahome last week. Womp, womp.

So here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to the last two weeks…

  • We learned its only a mile walk from our doorstep to the Kissimmee lakefront splash pad & that the kids don’t do too bad when it comes to taking this walk. We certainly worked up an appetite the day we did this and enjoyed lunch on the porch.
  • I was sick over the weekend. Luckily Mike had family in town and his mom offered to take the kids to Blizzard Beach when he was working and let me opt out. A day of rest at the house was much needed.
  • I got a crazy idea and decided to dye my white slipcovered couches blue. The white has done well for us over the last 4+ years that we’ve had these couches (I know, crazy that I had babies on these couches for so long). I would bleach them about 3-4 times a year but they were just starting to lose their luster. The white was getting a little dingy and with having Rosie join our family, I figured over time they would get worse with her hair and whatnot. The didn’t turn out too bad, but I will probably just buy new colored slipcovers from Ikea when I’m ready to do that.
  • Perk of summer work? Working from home some days and the fact that our office hours don’t really start until 10 am. On Monday, when I worked from home, I took a dip in the pool with the kids before even pulling my computer out for the day. Then, I worked from my outdoor “office” while they finished up their swim. Can’t really beat that.










Week five in #ourforeverflorida home…

Well, we haven’t done anything spectacular around the house lately and it’s really bumming me out. I really want to do our floors, like we have been planning today, but we just haven’t had any time at all the get to the store to order the floors, let alone install them (yes, we plan on doing it ourselves as we do with all the projects around our house).

We also need to install the doors that are sitting in our garage and I’d really like to get started renovating the kitchen. I’m itching to really make this place ours and until those things are done I don’t think I’ll feel completely satisfied that it is. I mean, we are home. There is no doubt about that, but what I have envisioned in my head for it too look like is not quite there yet.

Some highlights to our week in this house:

  • We continue to swim in the pool almost every day. Mike is still learning how to properly care for it though, and today it’s a bit cloudy (the pool, not the weather) so he needs to figure out what that is all about.
  • Working from home, which I do at least once a week but will probably be more like twice a week through the summer, is no joke with a puppy. Well, life is no joke with a puppy. I’ve never been a huge animal person, and I’m pretty sure I’m not a puppy person. Does that sound horrible? I think what makes it so hard is having three kids, a job and a puppy to take care of. Mike is the one who wanted this dog, not me, and he has had such long hours at work lately and has been working Saturdays, leaving me to be caring for this puppy a lot more than I’d like. I think once she’s out of the puppy stage it will be easier, I just hope I can make it to that point.
  • The girls “graduated” from kindergarten and the kids took their first “last day of school” picture in our new house. I love that these milestones are happening here.







Oh ya, & if you didn’t know. Yesterday was #nationaldonutday. We totally didn’t realize it until after I had made breakfast yesterday but that didn’t stop us from keeping the celebration going today. Happy Saturday!

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