First Day of School: 2014.

It’s that time of year again. You know, the one where overly proud parents post annoying pictures of their kids on the first day back to school. Yup, consider me one of those parents because here is my kid’s back-to-school pictures.


I cannot believe I’m the parent of a first grader and two kindergarteners. That all three kids are in school full time. & that I’m not there to see them all day, every day. It’s been a bittersweet couple of days for me. I love my new job, but I’m adjusting to how different this time of the year is for me now compared to how it’s been for the past 9 years. It’s a big change. But a good change. & luckily, since the kids are going to the school I taught at for the last 8 years, I have tons of people with their eyes on them. I feel so at ease leaving them there in the care of people that were not only my colleagues but my friends.

The girls loved their first day of school (they actually had today off though due to staggered start in our county. They’ll go back tomorrow and resume the normal school schedule with the rest of the kids) and couldn’t believe how much work is involved in kindergarten! Ha! Gotta love this age.

Lexie has Tucker’s kindergarten teacher, which is great because you get to love your child’s teacher and then have to start all over the next year, this way we get to keep loving on her and all she does for our kids for a whole ‘nother year! Lilah has the teacher right next door to Lexie, a sweet teacher that will know just how to work her magic on our strong willed girl.

Tucker has one of my best friends as his teacher this year and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This means he’s no longer in enrichment (a choice I made because of the teacher I wanted him to have) but he’s got such a solid foundation for school after last year that I know he will do great this year. One drawback is that his whole class form kindergarten is still together in the first grade enrichment class and he’s not there. I loved that group of kids but I keep telling myself that he’s going to make twice the amount of friends now and will still see all his old buddies around school all the time.

It’s going to be a great year for the kids…I can only imagine what all three will have learned by the time day 180 rolls around!

Firmoo: a review.

Firmoo is a Global Online Optical Store that offers fashion glasses at a great price. These glasses can be ordered in lots of options. You can order them for prescription, non prescription, just frames or as sunglasses, too! I love that their goal is to provide vision & fashion the frugal way. Who wouldn’t love that?

The glasses I picked out for this review I can’t seem to find on their site anymore. The style is there, but just not the color. The color of the ones I picked out are a bluish-black with gray wood-grain sides. I LOVE them! I am regretting now that I didn’t get these with my newest prescription in them. I did however find this pair that I really like when I was searching, same style, just a different color. I’m totally going to order them.

The thing that makes Firmoo so great (besides the frugal prices-including free shipping on orders over $39 right now! Be sure to find the code on their site) is the fact that they have a virtual look viewer. You can either use a picture they already have (one that might mirror your face shape/features) or you can upload your own. It is fun too “see” what a pair of glasses looks like on you before you even have them in hand.

Be sure to also check out a special they offer, the Renewed First Pair Free, that offers a free pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses or safety glasses to new customers who choose from a selection of frames and as long as you pay for the lenses and shipping.

Firmoo1 Firmoo2

Have you used Firmoo before?! I’d love to know what style glasses you chose! Leave a comment…it might help me pick another pair to choose when I order my new prescription glasses soon!

4 on 14.

I totally failed at participating in 10 on 10 this month. Well, I’ve failed at it for the last few months, along with blogging in general really. But, I did pull out the camera tonight and found these four photos from the 10th that I did take. A for effort, right?!


Lazy Sunday morning couch sitting at its finest.


Boxes of back-to-school supplies that I ordered online. Win!


Work & coffee. Coffee & work.


Cabinet touch-ups.

Yup. So that was our Sunday. I think we actually stayed in pajamas the entire day. Mike might have taken the kids to the store late in the day, but that was it. Those days are far & few between anymore so it was nice. Refreshing. School starts back this Monday and I’m hoping we’ll quickly get into a new routine. One that leaves me with a little more time to blog. ::fingers crossed::

ten on ten button

A whole hand old.

A whole hand old. Well, in this case we’ve got two whole hands going on. The girls are officially five. That just blows my mind. I can’t believe it’s been five years since I carried them in my belly. Five years since they made their surprise visit in the early morning hours a full elevenContinue Reading

Bad, bad blogger.

You read that right. I’ve been a bad, bad blogger as of late. Between our lax summer schedule, my new job, and trying to keep the kids entertained and having fun I just don’t have much time. I’ve started taking vitamins to boost my energy and I am lucky to get to bed before 2Continue Reading

Essential Oil Review: My Life’s Essentials

A few months ago I was contacted by Julie at My Life’s Essentials in regards to checking out some essential oils and doing a review on them. I’ve been wanting to try essential oils for sometime now, so this review was meant to be. After eagerly jumping on this, I gave Julie a rundown ofContinue Reading

Our 4th of July weekend recap

This has been a good weekend. One we desperately needed. Heck, and the weekend isn’t even over yet. We knew Mike would be off for the 4th but when he called me on Thursday on his way home from work (at 3:30 rather than his normal 5:30 for the 10-hr days they’ve been pulling) heContinue Reading

Our ride on the Sunrail.

Last week, mom and I took the kids on a little surprise adventure to check more off of our summer to-do list. Central Florida recently got the Sunrail, a commuter rail line that runs from Orlando north to Debary. Eventually it will run through Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Osceola counties  (which we can’t wait for, theContinue Reading

Vote for us, VoiceBoks Multiple Parenting Blog Nominee

I love getting fun emails in my inbox for things like being nominated for recognition on a top parenting blog. It’s funny that this comes during the summer time when I feel like I might lose my mind as a parent (anyone who has young kids at home during the long days of summer knowsContinue Reading

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