Life lately.

There is so much to share. Mostly because I’ve been so absent from here. I really did try my best to get some posts up here and there over the last few months, but obviously getting that to be a regular thing just hasn’t happened.

Right now I’ve got some time to write because I’m all alone in the house. Mike is at work (after a week off, more on that later) and the kids are at their grandparents house, the morning after a sleepover. So. Life lately. Bear with me, this is going to be a long one.

It’s been busy and crazy and stressful. I feel like I’m always saying that though. I don’t know how others do it, or if others feel like this all the time, too. However, this morning I read this, and it’s me to a T, minus the competitive part. I don’t think I’m that competitive, but hey, maybe that’s a Type A tendency, too? Not realizing you’re actually competitive? Anyways, so I read that and it makes me wonder if life really isn’t that busy and crazy and stressful, but it just feels that way to me? Who knows.

This past week though? Not busy, (maybe a little crazy), and not stressful at all. The kids were off all week for Thanksgiving break and so was Mike. He was actually off from the Friday before Thanksgiving week started, and it’s been so nice. I wasn’t off completely, but I was able to work from home, one of the perks of my job is being able to work wherever my computer and internet is. I did a lot of work during the first part of the week, and having Mike home was nice because he was able to keep the kids busy (aka, out of my hair). They went fishing, and shopping at places like Bass Pro & Academy Sports. All of dad’s favorites… that he’s teaching the kids to like, too.

We also put up our Christmas decorations, yes, even before Thanksgiving! I know, I’ve always been a strong proponent of waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, but I just couldn’t help myself this year. I think it was a combination of this being our first year in this house and the fact that we’d be home all week to enjoy the decorations. It took some persuading of Mike, he wasn’t having it at first, but in the end… I won 😉 So yup, I was THAT person this year.

I’ve actually had “Today’s Christmas Radio” on Pandora any chance I get, the kids and Mike will probably be sick of Christmas songs in about another four days. The only thing that isn’t feeling very festive around here is the weather, but we know how that goes here in Florida.

Okay, back to life lately.

Besides enjoying all five of us home all last week (which, did I mention we get to do all over again in another four weeks? Mike has taken off the whole week of Christmas, too. I cannot wait.) we spent time with family, of course. We did the normal Thanksgiving day for us and spent the first half of it at my aunt & uncle’s house with my big fat Greek family (have you seen the previews for the sequel? Looks so good!) and then the second half of the day at Mike’s parent’s house with his family. That night, the kids went over to my parent’s house like they’ve done for the last few years and spent the night. They help them decorate their tree and sip hot cocoa & watch Christmas movies. Last year, Mike and I started the tradition of catching a movie and doing Black Friday (yes, on Thursday night) shopping. This year we saw “Love the Coopers”, it wasn’t quite the Christmas movie I was expecting from the previews, but I really liked it.

The next day is actually my favorite part of Thanksgiving, though. We do a second Thanksgiving (well, third I guess if you’re really counting) with just my parents and Alex & Tricia and the kids at my parent’s house. It’s low key and we just hang out in the afternoon there, this year helping mom get ready for her 2nd craft show (that is coming up this coming weekend!), and eating more food! The guys put up my parent’s outside lights and you should have heard the four of them (Tucker included). They are quite the bunch when together and Tucker loves being one of the guys. He kept pulling out more Christmas lights and wanting them to put them up, or sneaking them into our car to add to the lights we put up. He is a living, breathing, Clark Griswold. If he could decorate our house like Christmas Vacation, he would, and I don’t doubt one day his own house will look like that.

So, that is life lately. The kids go back to school tomorrow, Mike goes back to work, and life goes back to busy, crazy, stressful. Mom has her craft show next weekend that we all help with in one way or another, Tucker does reconciliation as he prepares for his first communion this year, and my grandma turns 90 soon. & then Christmas. & then 2016.

Yup, life lately.

Tucker at Thanksgiving Lexie at Thanksgiving Lilah at Thanksgiving Tricia and the kids The boys doing what boys do Thanksgiving crafting Playin games Tucker and Lexie yaya saying "who are you?" snack food at Thanksgiving Gus doing what he does best Turkey carving Fishing on Thanksgiving

Wiww: no fall in Florida.

We’ve been hitting some record highs here in Florida this fall.

Okay. I really don’t know if that is true because I don’t watch the weather. The farthest I go is checking the weather app on my phone. However, it’s been down right depressing here with no fall weather in sight. What makes it worse? My Timehop app keeps showing me pictures from last year where we were already able to wear boots and sweaters and scarves.

Yesterday I decided to take a stand and fall up my outfit as much as I could for an almost 90 degree day in November.

The results?

Fall in Florida outfit

So there you have it. This was my solution to wearing a fall-inspired outfit in Florida, where fall has yet to visit yet. Can you tell by my face that I’m a little less than enthused about having to come up with this fix to the problem I’m facing (I know, no fall in Florida is such a horrible problem to have…but man, I love me some scarves & booties!). What do you think? Yay or nay?

pleated poppy

Halloween with bigger kids.

Not quite BIG kids yet, but bigger.

At first, when they became old enough to pick out their own costumes, I would cringe a little bit. Gone were the days I was able to dress them in whatever outfits I wanted. Gone were the days I was able to dress them up as a trio, all three in their matching costumes. Letting them pick out their own (sometimes cheesy and charactery) costumes was hard.

This year though?

I think I almost died. You know, from the sheer cuteness in this photo.

Halloween 2015

So, maybe them picking out their own costumes isn’t quite that bad. & their still not BIG kids yet. You know, the ones that are too old for trick-or-treating all together.

Happy Halloween! Love, me & my crew.

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#wiww, transitioning into fall…

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