Foto Friday: a day late, a dollar short

9:45ish p.m.
Foto Friday turned into Snapshot Saturday today due to exhaustion on my part. A four day work week sounds good in theory and of course I loved having a three day weekend (especially since Mike was off too and it gave us an extra day of family fun) but trying to fit five days into four left me too tired yesterday to blog. This weeks photos are actually some video clips we took of the kids using our new Kodak Zi8, a Christmas gift from my parents.

11:08 p.m.
Ok…this part of the blog is about an hour and a half after I first started trying to upload my videos. I haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet and am having trouble figuring it all out. If there is anyone out there reading my blog that has any tips for me, they would be greatly appreciated. I first tried youtube and then vimeo…not sure why both times a full video never uploaded. So Foto Friday this week may not even turn into Snapshot Saturday…maybe Snapshot Sunday instead. Here is a few photos to tide you over until I figure out the how video thing works!

Daddy and Tucker playing hide from momma while watching t.v. on the floor


Snoozin’ Lilah


Snoozin’ Lexie…what a lady all sprawled out!


Tucker and his cousins eating at their picnic table together


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