Late Breaking News: We have a thumb sucker!

Back when Lilah was our Miss Miserable we had begged and pleaded with her to learn to suck her thumb. She couldn’t keep a pacifier in at that time and sometimes all we (and she wanted) was for her to be able to soothe herself. Luckily one magic day, the plug stayed in! Plug=pacifier in our house btw.

But tonight, it was none other than LEXIE sucking away on her thumb in the swing! She has been super fussy lately (well super fussy for her normally happy-go-lucky self) which is NOT like her at all. We have always said she is our easy child out of the three and usually she just smiles away at this fact, she has learned at a young age what it means to be the child who listens, I think! Our only answer to this recent development is teething. Sucking on hands, smacking her lips, biting down on her plug, and now sucking her thumb all lead us in that direction. Oh joy. Tucker teethed till 11 months old when one lonely tooth finally popped through followed by all the rest practically at once! I have a feeling this is not going to be fun.

Uh oh. I think they caught me!


Maybe if I close my eyes they wont see me anymore.

Aww. Screw it.The jig is up and I’m gonna suck!

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