One woman’s prerogative: Mine

I am sure all of you have heard that little saying about change being part of a woman’s prerogative? That fits my life to a T. I am constantly changing things, from the arrangement of our furniture (and I mean any of our furniture-Tucker’s bedroom furniture, our living room furniture, my classroom furniture) to the changing of my outfits each morning as I get ready for work, to the changing of my mind, to finally the changing of our websites!

Yes, you are sick and tired of getting messages from me saying “We Have Moved” (our site that is…or I guess our I could be referencing our houses, too, seeing as we’ve done that four times since being married three and a half years ago!)
This is our last move (website wise)…I promise! Cross my heart and hope to die (even though I don’t mean the hope to die part one little bit but you get my drift). I have been searching for something new, something that feels right when it comes to my outlet on our life and I think this will work. I’ve done the Blogger thing before and got bored with it but I’m going to give it a whole-hearted try this time!

This time it’s obviously not going to be just about Tucker (the tater tot) because I can’t forget those two adorable twinkies (the ones I refer to in our blog title of course)! Besides an outlet on our life it’s going to be my own personal outlet for whatever I darn well please.


Double Trouble-couldn’t be any farther from the truth…so far!
Lilah (left) and Lexie (right)

How I found Tucker zonked out on his own one day last week!

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