All I’m thankful for.

In class, my kids wrote their expository essays last week on what they are thankful for this year. So many of them picked material things, being six and seven I guess that’s expected. Most of them picked their family or someone in it as at least one of the things they were thankful for. Some of them surprised me by putting the military (we had just discussed it for Veterans Day and I guess it stuck) or things they are lucky enough to have (like food and a home) that some others do not have.

So, would you like to hear my expository essay for what I’m thankful for? I guess if I dish it out as an assignment for my kids I should be able to do it as well.

There are many things I am thankful for in my life, so many that it’s almost to hard to count. As I sit at the dining room table and watch my kids playing together in front of me I am reminded of what I’m most thankful for.

My children are my most treasured blessing. In the last three-ish years so much has changed in the day-to-day life Mike and I live because of these three wee ones. We’ve had to put ourselves on the back burners (big time) and focus on our ever-expanding family. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The fact that God chose me to be mother to Tucker, Lilah, and Lexie is something I will always be in awe of. How did He know I could handle this? How does He have the faith in me to raise these three kids to be well-rounded adults in a society that is ever changing?

As I watch them play, they spread their toys across the floor of the playroom from wall to wall and I am thankful for our home. Our first home. I am thankful that we are in a better place, financially, than so many others out there and were able to purchase our house this past year and make it a place for our family to find comfort in together. It is the place I want my kids to have fond memories of when they get older and a place to harbor our family traditions year after year.

In having this home, the nice things (yes, material) it holds, and my children is something I could not have done alone. My husband has been right by my side since the moment we said, “I do” and I am thankful for him as well. I am so thankful I do not have to take this journey alone and that I have someone sitting by my side to share in the joys and the heartaches that life brings.

Not only am I thankful for my family of five…but the rest of my family as well. My big fat Greek family and Mike’s family are so important to us. My parents have been my #1 fans and supporters for as long as I can remember and now they do the same thing for my kids as well. Without them I’d be lost. I’m thankful for my brother (although being younger than me can still be a butt at times) and his really great girlfriend Tricia (who makes him so less butt-like!) who love to ooh and ahh over the kids. I’m thankful for our nieces, who our kids just love to play with, Tucker always saying, “Neenee, Sara, and B (for aunt B)”.

I’m thankful for my job. I love being a teacher (on most days) and on the days that are a little tougher than others I love my job for the simple fact that I get to be at home with my kids as much as I do (like this entire week I have off right now and the two whole weeks I get off soon for Christmas). I’m thankful for my fellow peers who, like me, work to make our world a better place.

I’m thankful for my friends. The ones who’ve become an important role in my life in the last few years and the ones who’ve been there right by my side through good and bad for as long as I can remember.

I probably could go on and on with my list. No, I know I could go on and on with it.

I’m thankful for today and the fact that it’s here to bring us all together & hold us accountable for all the good in life.

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