Growing up.

Tucker that is.
He’s got lots of changes on the horizon & they are making me quite sad.
As of Wednesday, Tucker will be starting school! Not real school, but a Parent’s Day Out program one day a week from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm. He is so excited about going to school.
With me being a teacher, he’s made visits to my classroom & always loves seeing the kids and playing with all my school supplies. He knows that the big yellow school buses take kids to school and always asks to go when he sees them. The day I came home and told him he’d be starting school, all he kept saying was, “Thank you, mom!”. It was precious!
He’ll attend this one-day-a-week program from now until summer starts and then in the fall we’ve registered him for the 3 year old preschool class on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. I think this is going to be a great opportunity for Tucker to have something that is all his own. Not often does he get that with having two little sisters so close behind in age. With how smart he already is (yes, I’m his mother and think he’s super smart!) I know going to school is going to help him learn so much more!
With all that being said. I’m scared. I want him to do good in school. I want him to be a good boy. I’m that worried, over-protective momma hen that worries her little chick is going to go off in the wrong direction! Hello, I’m a teacher & see kids and their behavior I don’t want my kid to be “that kid”! Tucker’s only ever been taken care of by family so to be in the care of others is a whole new territory we’re venturing into.
Please say a prayer for this momma hen & her little chick. Giving Tucker wings to fly out on his own is so hard to do! I’m going to be a basket case come Wednesday! And I promise plenty of “first day” pictures to share next week as well!

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