Tater Tot Thursday: Yeehaw!

As I mentioned on Monday, Mike and I took Tucker to his first rodeo this past weekend. Our town hosts the Silver Spurs Rodeo every February & it’s a great tradition that we enjoy partaking in. Growing up in Kissimmee we’d go as a family to the rodeo & fair and when I was in high school it was the place to be come February. I’m so excited to share this tradition with Tucker now, and next year the girls will be plenty old enough to go as well!
Tucker only managed to last for about 45 minutes of the Rodeo (he is only three!) because the fair & all it’s glory…lights, rides, games, food…were calling his name!

{Excited for a “Tucker Night”…don’t mind the girly carseat, he sat in Lexie’s to be closer to us in the car!}

{Daddy & Tucker watching the start of the Rodeo}

{A local salon cut hair of girls & women donating for women fighting breast cancer}

{The singing of the National Anthem}

{Bronc Riding…the cowboys all wore pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness}

{Love me some Cowboys!}

{Tucker checking out the program}

{Daddy is not very good at getting a picture of Momma & Tucker}

{Can’t forget about the rodeo clown!}

{We headed to the petting area after the rodeo…}

{And Tucker HAD to ride the horsey’s on the carousal first!}

{Next up was the ferris wheel…pretty scary with a three year old on board!}

{See his eyes the minute we got on!?}

{Daddy & Tucker on the ferris wheel. He was really unsure at first!}

{Tucker & Momma! He liked it by the end! I still wasn’t so sure about having him on a ferris wheel though!}

{After the ferris wheel Tucker just had to drive the trucks}

{And then the old jalopy cars! What a cute little driver!}

{Momma & Daddy while waiting for Tucker to finish his ride}

{Blurry cell phone picture…Daddy & Tucker on the slide}

{Momma & Tucker on the fire engine…he hated it because every time it went up the kids would scream and that scared him!}

{Checking out the 4H projects in the Exhibition Hall}

{Love this little cowboy!}

{And these two cowgirls! Tucker got his sisters these hats when he got his!}


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