Me, Myself, and I

i am Heather.
i think way too much.
i am happy when I’m with my kids.
i have a lot more than others & am grateful for it all.
i miss certain moments from my own childhood.
i fear death.
i feel deeply & emotionally.
i smell stinky diapers way too often.
i usually sleep in on the weekends thanks to my hubs.
i search the internet for any & every question I have.
i wonder about the future.
i regret rarely. Everything happens for a reason.
i love my family.
i care what others think too much but am learning to not.
i tell my kids I love them every single day.
i worry all.the.time.
i am not perfect.
i remember things when it’s too late.
i believe in God.
i sing in the car when my kids are the only audience.
i don’t always do the best job of keeping up with laundry.
i don’t like to be wrong.
i write often & wish I had chosen it as a career.
i win never.
i lose my patience when I have to ask more than once.
i dance in the playroom to silly songs with Tucker & the girls.
i wish on stars.
i never thought in a million years I’d have twins, let alone two girls.
i listen to my mother (most of the time) because they’re always right.
i don’t understand politics & don’t try to either.
i can usually be found with my kids & hubs.
i need nothing because I have everything I could ever need & more.
i forget lots.
{This was inspired by Kylee Anne (with an e) Wayment.}

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  1. gin says:

    I officially love your blog! I started to peruse after you commented and I must say, I have a special place in my heart for teacher-bloggers because I am one too!!!

    What grade do you teach?

    So glad to "meet" you!

  2. Sara says:


    New follower. Would appreciate follow back:

  3. Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal says:

    Great post! So glad to learn about you! Stopping by from SITS comment hour!

  4. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says:

    love your blog! This is a fun post. Following the SITS ladies on a blog hop.

  5. ManWifeDog says:

    Visiting from SITS!! Love this post. I think too much too! LOL!

    Man Wife and Dog Blog

  6. Lizzie says:

    Hey Heather 🙂 Nice to meet you! I definitely relate to your point about fearing death – it's something I've had endless counselling about. Hard to get my head around!

  7. Jill says:

    How adorable is your blog? You cartoon family reminds me of mine. Hm maybe that's why I'm so drawn to yours. =)

  8. Kimberly says:

    I love this!! I'm coming by from #commenthour but I'm following now!

  9. Kari says:

    Great post! Love the way you wrote it. Here from #comment hour

    P.S. I'm a HUGE worrier too 🙂

  10. kita says:

    Lol your blog made me smile loved it. This is a cute blog that tells a lot about life as a mother.

  11. Jessica says:

    That was terrific. It is great to see someone so perfectly imperfect and so incredibly grateful for all of it.

  12. Amy says:

    Hope you're having a fantastic #commenthour

  13. Just One Donna says:

    Nice to get to know you. Visiting from #CommentHour.

  14. Sue says:

    stopping by from #commenthour on SITS. This is a great post. I really loved that!

  15. Eileen Ludwig says:

    looks like you enjoy writing as a poem and can interact with yourself with your writing – fun

    stopping by from sits


  16. TheProDiva says:

    Wow! Definitely learned a lot about you. I think every women should do this every now and again to get back in touch with themselves…the good the bad and the ugly! Thanks for sharing! Showing SITS comment love!

  17. Jenae @ Wildflower says:

    way cute blog!! loved your post I agree with most of what you said I was like yup me to for almost all of them! stopping by from #commenthour!

  18. Toqua's Crafts says:

    I really enjoyed your post! Thank you for your comment about my baskets and selling at craft fairs. I truly do appreciate you stopping by!

    Stopping by from SITS Comment Hour!
    Toqua of Toqua's Crafts

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