Mommy & Me Monday

We played outback after dinner tonight and I had Mike try to snag some pictures of the kids and me and let’s just say, it was quite entertaining! Tucker loved being able to see himself in the camera when we flipped it (via my new iPhone 4 and the dual cameras) and the girls were not so keen on picture taking. It was hilarious! Just look at the progression of the photos:

{All three saying, “No thanks, Momma!”}

{Tucker giving in for the picture}
{This is when he realized he could see himself!}

{Okay, maybe we’ll take one picture}

{& now we are all done!}

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11 Responses to Mommy & Me Monday

  1. Kylee says:

    Such cute candid shots!!

    You will LOVE the iPhone!! You should download the instagram app – it is free – I just discovered it and have loved using it on my iPhone pics. You can apply all sorts of fun filters to your pics – my personal favorite is 'nashville'. It's very forgiving! I wish someone would have told me about the app long ago… Anywho – hope you have a great week!!

  2. Jenny says:

    I love the look on his face – too funny! For uncooperatice models you got some great shots! ; )

  3. DadEngrMommmyLES says:

    i love the twins they're so cute,

  4. chubskulit says:

    So precious!

    Mommy and Me at my page, have a lovely day!

  5. @InTheKitchenKP says:

    That is too funny! I too occasionally have to beg for my kids to smile when I finally get out from behind the camera!

    Great photos and I am glad you posted the progression. It's priceless!

  6. Andrea says:

    This is funny! That one is a really good pic though! I just got a 4 too! I love it!!!!

  7. Annie says:

    You have such a rich, full and blessed life! I can imagine how much fun you have with your little girls and boy. These are fun pictures, my son is going to be 2 yrs old in April and acts the same way around the camera as your little guy 🙂

  8. Carolyn says:

    I want to say hello and that I just found your blog. I have twin boys who are 3. I don't know how you do it with twins plus an older one. 🙂 I have enjoyed looking at some of your prior posts especially on your Weight Watchers goals…I just joined 4 weeks ago and have lost 5 lbs. Those twins really wreck your belly…mine is disgusting and everyone says I look skinny but I have to work hard at dressing to diguise my belly. I have been mistaken for being pregnant. Not a good feeling!

    I'm bad at keeping up with my blog but I try. I just wanted to say hello!

  9. inday_adin says:

    You are one busy mommy! You have lovely kids. 🙂

    Adin B

  10. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says:

    Good thing mommy have strong grip, ohh looks fun and i sure can relate to that

    Hope you can visit My M&M Entry

  11. Krystyn says:

    I love the second to last one!

    And, the last one, looks like Natalie. She's a super duper hair puller, too!

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