Tater Tot Thursday: Tucker’s 1st Day of School

Tucker is amazing. Seriously. He did such a great job on his first day of Parents Day Out and made me such a proud momma!

Yesterday morning we were a little rushed to get out the door, with me having to feed the kids breakfast, get them all dressed for the day, and pack a lunch box and backpack for Tucker (on normal mornings they go in their pj’s to Nana’s and do breakfast there but on Tucker’s school days it will be not so easy). I snagged a few quick pictures of Tucker at the front door (my mom always took our first day of school pictures in our foyer growing up so of course I had to follow suite and continue the tradition) with his new outfit, new lunchbox, and backpack and then out the door we went! We picked up Nana and then headed to school.

{Showing off his new lunch box…isn’t it the cutest!?}

{My handsome, big boy, on his first day of school!}

{Can you tell he’s excited or what!? The shirt says it all, “Big Guy”!}

Tucker walked right into his new class, barely said “hello” to his teachers before running off to check out his new surroundings. We showed him where the bathroom was (and his teachers were so glad to have another potty trained student) and said a few very quick good-byes because he was ready to get down to business. This momma only shed a few tears as my mom, the girls, and I headed out the door for the day. I was actually pretty proud of myself and super proud of him for being so independent!

{Checking out the toys…he sat still for 2.5 seconds so I could snap a picture!}

{Sitting at his new school table & chair playing a puzzle}

All morning while mom & I ran errands with the girls I kept asking her, “I wonder what they are doing now?…Maybe it’s snack time…Maybe they’re eating lunch now.” And to myself I just kept praying that he was being a good boy, following the rules, and being nice to his new friends and teachers.

When it was time to pick him up, we walked up towards the classroom and could see his class playing outside on the playground. It was so cute to hear him talking to his new friend, Conner, “Come on!” as he ran in a different direction and watch him interact for a few minutes before he saw us. Their lunch boxes and backpacks were all lined up on the fence to grab after you signed the kids out and were ready to leave.

Surprisingly enough when Tucker saw us, he came right to the fence, gave Ms. Pam a big hug as she told him she’d see him next week! Both teachers told me he was such a good boy and fit right into their routine like he’d been there the whole time! They said that they actually felt like they neglected him a bit for being a new student because there were two other new kids that day that were a little more of a handful and Tucker did so well on his own that he did not need their extra attention. My heart swelled with pride as I heard those great words!

{Tucker and hew new buddy, Conner}

{Packing up & getting a juice box from his lunch box after a busy day at school!}

{Such a bittersweet day! The end of his first day of school!}

As we walked back to the car, and the whole ride home, we talked about his first day of school and all the fun things he did. He told us all about the story they read and what he ate for lunch (even though I packed it! ha!) and that his classroom was a nice classroom with a chalkboard but no chalk pens (he calls anything you write with a pen! ha!). I know he is going to be so excited to go back to school next Wednesday, and like my mom said today, it’s going to be a long week between now and then with him asking every day if it’s time for school yet we bet!

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3 Responses to Tater Tot Thursday: Tucker’s 1st Day of School

  1. Caren with a "C" says:

    Visiting from SITS cocktail. Glad his day went well.

  2. Ginny Marie says:

    Aw, what a wonderful day Tucker had! I love his lunch box…it's so cute! That first day of school is more nerve-wracking for mommies than for the kiddos, I think! 🙂

  3. Dolli-Mama says:

    Love it! Mr. Mischief started Moms Day Out in January and he LOVES it. He is constantly talking about his teacher and friends, and he always wants to know if tomorrow is a "school" day. Tucker looks like he is having a great time!

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