What I Wore Wednesday #14

Not that I’ve gotten any more style this week, but with warmer weather brings clothes I haven’t worn in a while, and thus the idea that I look cute! It’s just nice to have a change from the same sweaters, jeggings, & scarves. On to tanks, shorts, & flip flops!
I hope as the other ladies who link up with The Pleated Poppy get warmer weather I’m able to take some tips & really put my spring & summer wardrobe in high gear!

St. Patrick’s Day & my little brother’s 21st birthday!
Had to wear my green!

Love me some jeans on Fridays @ work
Especially when they are jeans I haven’t fit in in years!

Bumming around the house
& a trip to Home Depot & Lowes for flowers

Spring Break!!! Woot! Woot!
This was outfit #1 to have lunch with friends & all the kids

But this is what I settled on. Much cuter!

Check back next week for the rest of my Spring Break style & the return to yet another work week. Counting down the days till Summer Vacation & my life as a semi-stay-at-home-mom to return!

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6 Responses to What I Wore Wednesday #14

  1. MommyMeagan says:

    Wow, Lady! You are looking AWESOME! Go girl!

  2. Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings says:

    So jealous you get to wear shorts…it is snowing where! UGH…love the outfits

  3. Frenchy says:

    Cute outfits. Congrats on wearing those jeans 🙂

  4. Nathan and Megan says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I am a teacher in Central Il. I teach 7th grade Middle School. CONGRATS on fitting into the JEANS!

  5. Jordan says:

    Love the outfits! But SO jealous that you're getting warm weather! It was in the 30's today in MI, not cool!! 😉

  6. Nicole says:

    Love the green top!

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