Easter Part Two: Church & our annual Cracker Barrel Breakfast!

Every year for Easter we go to 7:30 mass at Mike’s grandpa’s church, St. John Vianney, with his entire family (or at least all of the family members that live local). The kid’s were amazing this year, you would have never guessed there were five kids under the age of four sitting in our pew had you not seen them. The service this year was very nice and for some reason seemed a little smaller than usual, so the less crowd, the better in my opinion.
After church we headed to Cracker Barrel for our annual Easter breakfast and I really thought that the kids would be ready to crash or cause a stink (remember this phrase for a post about one of my first graders coming later this week!) but again, they were good as gold! All the kids sat, and entertained themselves while we waited and gobbled up their breakfast once the food came. We took pictures out front afterwards (I don’t have the one of Mike’s whole family because it was taken on his mom & aunt’s cameras, but when I get a copy I’ll try to remember to update this post).

{The girls had a blast rocking…can you tell Lexie was rocking away?!}

{I can’t believe not one of them is looking at the camera!}

{A pretty priceless photo if you ask me! I think Lilah’s face is great in this & the fact that all three kids are doing their own thing while momma & daddy smile on! Ha!}
In case you wanted to see our family Easter picture from years past…here they are. Remember, there isn’t one from last year, seeing as I ruined Easter with my horrible stomach bug. In the picture from 2009 I am about 13 & a half weeks pregnant with the girls! Isn’t it amazing to see the change in our family from year to year?!
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Coming soon…Easter Part Three: Easter baskets from Nana & Paps!

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