Kindergarten Memories.

I have an advantage over so many others when it comes to memories of elementary school. Mostly because in my first year as a teacher I taught alongside my kindergarten teacher, took my students to music taught by my middle school band director, and worked under my fourth grade teacher who was then my principal. I guess that’s what happens when you are born, raised, go through 12+ years of schooling, and begin your adult-life in your hometown.

To say the least, it was a little awkward at first to now call Mrs. Pressler, my once kindergarten teacher, Vicki. It was strange to talk with my principal about class data when she had once nurtured & educated me at the age of ten. I was no longer their pupil, but instead their peer.
As I sat in Mrs. Pressler’s classroom observing her as I was to do with each kindergarten teacher before taking over my class a few weeks later (I started mid-year due to a December graduation from college & over-crowding in classrooms at the school I was hired at) memories of kindergarten came flooding back. I have always been one to remember the tiniest of details when it came to school seeing as being a teacher was what I had always wanted to do (minus the years I thought becoming a lawyer would be fun thanks to watching Matlock with my grandpa).
Although so much had changed in the education system in all those years since I’d been in Mrs. Pressler’s class there was so much familiarity with the way she taught & the relationships she held with each of her students. Sitting in that yellow chair brought me back to the days when we would have our daily snack out of cup sized plastic baseball helmets (they looked just like these), the Mother’s Day program we put on for our mom’s, and the teddy bear theme that ran rampant through the classroom. I remember making bear claw cookies & learning to read in kindergarten because that’s just what the kids in Mrs. Pressler’s class did (albeit pre-schooler’s learn to read these days but back then kindergarten was like what pre-school is now so learning to read as a five or six year old was a big deal). I remember nap time with the lights out and everyone quietly laying on our mats.
Obviously all of these memories were ones I held close to heart over the years and each contributing factors in why I wanted to become a teacher. It was not just the things I did or learned from year to year, but the people behind those lessons. My teachers. Starting with my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pressler, and working up through fourth grade with Mrs. Clayton and middle school band with Mrs. Sullivan, and finally through my years of high school and beyond.
I hope one day my students are able to look back at their education & remember things as vividly as I do & feel as fondly about me as I do about Mrs. Pressler and all of the other influential teachers in my life.

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