Mommy & Me Monday: T-Ball & Go Bulls!

I asked this question of myself just the other day…when did I get old enough to have a kid in school & doing extra-curriculars? Seriously. Not only is Tucker doing school one day a week & loving it but he’s now a t-ball player.
On Saturday Tucker had his first week of a six-week t-ball clinic hosted at our local YMCA. He loved almost every minute of it (remember, he is only three & a half which means there were quite a few kids that got overwhelmed with all the new directions including Tucker). One week down…five more to go!

{The girls cheering on their big brother, Daddy helping him gear up, & listening to directions from the coach. A friend pointed out that he & Mike are standing the same in that photo…so funny!}

{Hey, batter batter!}

{Running bases, catching, & fielding. Paps & the girls cheering him on!}

{When we got home I tried to snap a few photos of the kids in their USF gear we got last weekend in Tampa. Go Bulls!}

{& the only one who wanted anything to do with taking a good picture with me was Lilah! This is her new look when taking photos…a scrunched up nose & squinty eyes! So cute!}

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  1. Nan says:

    Hi Heather, thanks for following me on Twitter! Congrats on owning your home for a year! Isn't it wonderful to return from a vaca and KNOW you love your home?! That's how I finally feel now. We've moved all over and there's nothing like returning from vaca and NOT liking pulling into the driveway! 🙁 Cheers to many more wonderful years! Keep posting on the updates you make to your house. And if you post about your kids' room decor let me know and I'd love to include it in my gallery. Enjoy the UBP! Oh, I'm giving away a $50 Home Depot card tonight on the twitter party at 9pm est. See you!

  2. gopopgo says:

    In that one photo w/ paps, I'll be the girls are thinking, "Tucker, we can do it better. Just you wait…"

    And love the face she makes. D1 used to make a cute face too, but now she makes these crazy faces with her tongue out. Still cute, just not something we'd print out 😛

  3. Mel Cole says:

    Lovely photos and family moments you got here. Nice stroller. 🙂 My Mommy and Me

  4. Selina says:

    lovely pictures… looks like the whole fam is having fun.

  5. Shydub says:

    T-ball im sure it was a fun activity for kids. i love looking at happy baby photos

  6. chubskulit says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!

    Mommy and Me at my page, come and see.

  7. sHeNgKaY says:

    Visiting from Mommy and Me Monday.. have a nice day! 🙂
    Mine is up 🙂
    Shengkay’s Journal
    Shengkay Random Nest

  8. Homemom3 says:

    It looks like Tucker was having a lot of fun. Wow you can see the two are so much alike in that photo of him and his daddy standing the same way. You can tell he's observed daddy a lot and likes to mimic him. Love the shirts and the smiley faces. 🙂

  9. Ai KaiRui Liu says:

    lovely photos with your kids and hubby, surely you had so much fun together…visiting from Mommy and Me…followed you, hope you'll follow me back

    mine's here

  10. Krystyn says:

    Yay for t-ball!

    And, the picture with Lilah is so super cute.

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