Spring Break Recap: Part One

This year for spring break we decided to take a trip with some friends of ours, the Nicholson’s, and their kids. It was a lot of fun having the two families together on our weekend away to Tampa…the kids & adults had a blast!
Day one of our trip was spent at the Glazer Children’s Museum. It was a mere two blocks from our hotel in downtown so we were able to take advantage of the beautiful day & walk there once we parked the cars & loaded the kids up in the strollers.
The museum is amazing. It has three levels of fun, ranging from a water area, sand area, a town (with a Publix, veterinarian clinic, fire station, restaurant, & more), a sports area, theater area, and toys galore! The kids did not stop moving from the minute we got there. They had us racing from room to room to room!
When the kid’s (and parents) were exhausted we headed downtown for lunch before checking back in at the hotel for some R&R. We all napped and when finally refreshed, headed to Longhorn for dinner. After a long day, you would have thought the kids would have been hard to manage at dinner. How wrong were we! All five kids did amazing and we were able to enjoy a delicious feast!
At the end of the night we changed the kids into their pj’s and played a few games in Joel & Randa’s room, although it got cut short when poor Archer bumped & cut his head on the pull-out bed. I was worried the kid’s wouldn’t sleep well seeing as we put all three on the mattress on the living room floor…but they did rather well. Lilah was the only one who woke up around 4 a.m. and I brought her into bed with us where she eventually fell back asleep.

Stay tuned for Spring Break: Part Two!

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  1. blueviolet says:

    Wow, that place is completely amazing! A full day's worth of activities!

  2. WIWW says:

    […] our friends Joel & Randa (they are the parents of the fun foursome family we vacationed with last spring break, momma & daddy of Brecken & Archer) and Rich & Meagan (momma & daddy of sweet […]

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