Tater Tot Thursday!

This boy loves trains. I mean, absolutely loves them. We got Tucker his train table for Christmas & he liked it then. But now, pure love. His favorite trains right now are Thomas & Friends, he has a growing collection started with lots more on his list to obtain! He not only plays trains, but he loves to watch the Thomas & Friends DVDs as well. His favorite episode is the Lion of Sodor or Creaky Cranky. Tucker is absolutely hilarious when it comes to playing with the trains, even repeating parts of the shows back to himself as if he’s acting it all out on his table. I just love how his imagination is flourishing!

{Playing trains everywhere we go!}

{This is the only smile he’d give me because all he wanted to do was play}

{Look at my big boy! Seriously, so big!}
P.S. Tucker has his first school party next week, an Easter Egg Hunt & Celebration! What fun!

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  1. Kimberly says:

    That's adorable! My son is more than obsessed with trains too! But I can't lie, I HATE Thomas the Train! I still watch it though, it just makes me cringe (oh the things we do for our kids…)!

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