If you couldn’t tell, that is the sound of me running (no pun intended) smack dab into a wall.

As far as the weight loss goes I’m stuck. I really haven’t budged much in the last few weeks and am getting frustrated. Now, eating out two weekends in a row could be the culprit behind this to be totally honest. As much as I try my best to make good choices from a restaurant menu there’s always those yummy breadsticks & carb-filled entrees that pull me in. & let’s not even get started on portion sizes.

Any tips to get me over this hump & closer to my goal weight? It’s so close yet so far away!

As far as the running goes though I’m totally getting an A+ in that area! If it weren’t for some torrential downpours we had last week I would have still been on my every-other-night run schedule. Instead I had to go two days between runs twice this past week which has led me in search of a treadmill on Craigslist.

With our rainy season upon us and the 100 degree temperatures to follow soon after, I can predict more instability in my running if a treadmill does not become a permanent fixture in our house. A friend gave me the idea of setting up shop in the garage because the idea of a big ol’ beast of a machine in our house somewhere was not something I was looking forward to.

As of right now I’m set to start week 6 day 3 tomorrow & actually jogged a full 20 minutes without stopping at the end of week 5. Now that I’m nearing the home stretch of this nine week program it’s getting more strenuous & the run time is much more prominent than the walk time. Actually, the walking part is going to be non-existent really soon!

I guess I better start looking for a 5k to sign up for! Here goes nothing!

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3 Responses to ::Thud::

  1. Project Life Blog Queen says:

    Hi Heather – I just met you at the UBP11 on Twitter. Great blog, I LOVE the design. No idea how to loose weight at all – can't seem to do it. Just more focus I guess.

    Great job jogging! That is something to be proud of.

  2. MommyMeagan says:

    Hey Lady- 128.5 may not be your goal weight- but not so bad, either. I'm sure regular running and better tracking of points on the weekend will get you over the hump. Do you do any weight or shaping exercises? Small hand weights for arms or crunches? I know cardio is the way to go, but doing some of that might help you feel better about your 128.5 and put the 'extra' back where you want it. I'm currently mad at my scale because it keeps giving me approx the same number even though parts of me (not good parts) are visibly larger! What's up with the weight shift? Guess it's better than gaining, right? You WILL get over the hump. Keep on truckin!

  3. Homemom3 says:

    Heather, I too hit that "dontwanttobudgeweight" in fact if it does budge it goes the wrong way, but only by a 2-3lbs and then back to where it was. So frustrating. I try to either eat even better than I am, eat more salads or just pop in a dvd (exercise). Our weather (Indiana) has either been snow,rain or wind…we've only had a few nice days and frankly I miss the outdoors. I was walking even in the snow but started getting sick so can no longer do it. Hopefully you find that treadmill soon.

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