Baby Pegg Update: The reveal!

Last night was the big event. We found out if Marcie & Ryan were going to be rooting for team pink or team blue at the big gender reveal party she hosted at her parent’s house. 
The appointment was yesterday afternoon, and after phoning the bakery at Publix (and having to have the cupcakes re-done because the baker decided to not fill them & finish them up before the phone call on whether the inside frosting needed to be pink or blue) we all gathered & waited ever-so impatiently to bite into the tasty treats!
Honestly, we waited, and waited, and waited for them to let us break into those bad boys! Before doing so, everyone had to pick a pink or blue clothespin to wear and sign their name to “Baby Girl” or “Baby Boy” posters to document who really was right & who was wrong. Before the big reveal the posters had boy by a landslide, there were about six people rooting for girl while everyone else (about 20ish) were rooting for boy.
When the big moment finally arrived we discussed strategy on how to take the pesky bee wrappers off & to do a countdown in order to make it fair for everyone to find out all at once. & when we bit down? TEAM PINK! Yes, you read that right, we were ALL wrong! Marcie & Ryan are expecting a sweet baby girl come this October!
Really, even Marcie said she would have bet money on the baby being a boy. & although we were all a little disappointed to be wrong (minus our friend Tamara who was wishing girl all along & tipped me off by a secret smiley on facebook after the appointment because she found out early being that she wouldn’t be in attendance at the party) we were all overjoyed at a healthy baby & a girl that we can shower with lots of pink & dresses & bows!

 {Marcie’s goddaughter, Amiyah, and her momma, Nichole. Nichole & I were the Maids of Honor in Marcie & Ryan’s wedding}
 {Marcie’s cousin, Tabby, voting Team Blue!}
 {Boy gifts & girl gifts…gotta be prepared!}
 {Not sure what Daisy, Marcie’s mom, plans to go by…but this is Grandma & Momma!}
 {What will it “bee”?!}
 {Can you see pink? Can you see blue?}
 {Amiyah & Marcie}
 {Everyone waiting & waiting & waiting to be told we can dig into the cupcakes!}
 {Dropped my food in 2 seconds flat when I heard it was time to find out!}
 {Tucker getting his cupcake!}
 {Ryan, aka Daddy, handing out cupcakes!}
 {Marcie watching us dig in…look how excited she is!}
 {Gifts she bought her mom & dad to tell them it was a girl! Sorry for the pesky shadow, her parents house was horrible with shadows!}
 {Tucker liked his cupcake!}
 {My dad tricked us. He wore blue but voted girl when we got there! He was right!}
 {The first outfit I bought for my new little niece!}

 {Tucker loves a good party! Mike & the girls were at home because they were fussy…I had to text him to tell him the news!}
 {Momma & Tucker}
 {Momma, Nana, & Tucker}
{Marcie & her cousin, Tabby. Tabby will be getting married right after the baby is born and Marcie is in her wedding…just like I was in Marcie’s wedding right after Tucker was born!}

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5 Responses to Baby Pegg Update: The reveal!

  1. Marcie says:

    I love it! Thanks so much for doing this for me 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    What an awesome party! Love this idea! Congrats Marcie!!

  3. Amy @ dwell in the season says:

    What a fun theme for a party and way to announce! So fun! 🙂

  4. Kimberly says:

    What a great idea!! Congrats to Marcie on a little baby girl!

    (Now I REALLY want a daughter!!)

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