Comfort food.

Or, PMS food. Call it what you want.

I pretty much just call it good. Well, damn good.

My dad makes a different version of it where he makes a dip in the peanut butter & fills it with chocolate syrup. I find the chocolate chips to be a heck of a lot easier. And I’m sure it tastes just
as good.
This version I call healthy thanks to the
reduced fat peanut butter.
You concur? Oh, good! So, check your
pantry, I know you have all the fixings!

{Ghetto Reese Cup in all its glory}

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2 Responses to Comfort food.

  1. Kristi H says:

    How funny… I was just telling my friend Liz today that my weakness used to be keeping chocolate chips in the freezer and getting a big handful and a spoon full of peanut butter to eat them with! LOL! (By the way… I've been using 'my fitness pal' for a week now thanks to your recommendation! I love it!)

  2. Making It Work Mom says:

    YUM!!!! You must have read my mind. Perfect anytime snack – totally hits the spot.

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