March for Babies 2011

This morning we participated in our second March of Dimes: March for Babies walk in honor of our girls. This year I totally dropped the ball and only raised another $200 like last year (although every penny surely counts in a great cause like this!). My hopes were to raise at least $500 and I got no where near that. I know next year I plan to go full force with our fundraising and hopefully will meet and exceed the goal I set for our team!
The walk this year took place in downtown Celebration and it really was the perfect venue for it! The weather was gorgeous and the trail was shaded almost entirely! Tucker walked most of the 3.1 miles on his own & the girls rode the whole way…next year I’m sure they’ll be wanting to walk it themselves as well! While we were finishing up the last leg of the walk we met the lady who heads up our local Osceola County chapter. She snapped a few pictures and talked with us about having multiples (she said her niece is expecting twins) and we shared a bit of the girls stats & story with her. I gave her my info because she was interested in checking out the blog, so I can’t wait to hear from her soon!
We finished up the morning by grabbing a few coffees at the local Starbucks and let the kids play in the shade near the lake. It was such a fun day and leaves us waiting in anticipation for next year’s walk!

{The banner I got from doing this review & giveaway! March for Babies 2011!}

{The local Boys & Girls Club kicked off the walk with a drum performance!}

{Paps, Daddy, & the kids walking the walk!}

{Lexie running around afterwards while they were announcing donation amounts and sponsor information}

{Lilah & her Paps}

{Tucker running, of course!}

{Nana, Paps, & the girls!}

{Daddy & his bagel}

{Who would ever guess they were 29 weekers?!…just 2 lbs 12 oz & 2 lbs 7 oz at birth!}

{Our 36 weeker, who tried coming at 32 weeks! Man our kids can’t wait to be born!}

{Tucker & his Thomas the Train whistle face…don’t you love it!?}
Sidenote: Sorry for the crummy quality cell phone pictures! The camera wasn’t charged this morning so it was all I had! Better to have these to look back at than nothing at all though!

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