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Today I had the pleasure of seeing The Mommies: A Musical Blog with my own Momma, my best friend & soon-to-be-momma Marcie, and her mom. It was probably one of the most hilarious (& oh, so true!) things I’ve ever seen! If you are a mom you will totally relate to it & if you are a mom blogger you will think they are telling your life to a T.
After having lunch at Mimi’s Cafe, us girls headed to The Plaza Theatre in Orlando (my mom grew up right around the area it’s in and said it use to be called The Rocking Chair because of the chairs they had & was the only movie theater in the are when she was growing up).
The theme of the musical is ‘Mommies Rock!’ & is called a musical blog because it portrays what it’s like to be a mom in today’s generation. From facebook to twitter to texting it takes you on a journey from pregnancy through empty nesting!
My favorite parts of the show had to be ‘The Bump’ (it made Marcie do a little cringe when thinking of what she’s to expect happening to her body in the coming months, if that tells ya anything!) and ‘Poop’ (a very precise rendition of potty training 101). Oh, & ‘Not Tonight’ (a little message to all the hubs out there!) was pretty hilarious as well, especially since we were just discussing this same matter last night at my monthly girls night! It got me a little teary eyed towards the end as it led to the empty nesting bit because I don’t want to think one iota about my kids growing up!
Marcie, Daisy, Mom, and I all had a great time! I strongly suggest seeing the musical if it comes to your town. When I checked their page it mentioned dates in Port Washington, NY, Chicago, IL, and Jacksonville, FL. & don’t forget…Mommies Rock!

{Me & my momma!}

{Marcie & her momma!}

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  1. Meagan at Fairly Fabulous Blog dot com says:

    Sounds like a great night. How fun! Hope it makes its way out to my neck of the woods.

  2. gin says:

    I am going to have to google this show to see if it's coming to south Texas; if so, I'm not going to miss it! So glad you had a great time!

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