What I Wore Wednesday #18

We’ll call this week a major fail. It’s my iPhone photo edition and only consists of two days worth of outfits. My camera was dean and I was just too lazy to charge it. So here ya go.
Top: Old Navy
Pants: Love love love these! From the Sarah Jessica Parker Brand @ Steve & Berry’s. Do these still exist out there? They were here for just a few years before going out of business.

{They are navy & white seersucker. Perfect for spring!}

{This is me trying to get Tucker to take a picture. Take one.}

{Take two. That’s more like it!}
It was field day so I looked like a P.E. teacher. I actually changed my shorts at my mom’s because as I was walking out the door one of my fellow teacher friends texted me saying we got an email in regards to dressing “professionally light”. My mom said she thought these running shorts were fine, but I just didn’t want to deal with the possibility of getting in trouble. However…there were a few teachers that were, ahem, totally not professional at all. I could have wore these and looked like a I was in a dress suit compared to them.

{Tucker’s photography skills must be getting better, perfect first take!}

I promise to try to be better next week. Keyword: try.
Go check out Lindsey (who like me, had a pretty failing week when it comes to taking pictures) of & the other fabulous ladies who link up each week!

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  1. One Woman Juggler Dawn says:

    I am a new follower from the Hop, Skip, Jump this Wednesday! Love your style:) Check out my blog if you get a chance.

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