Impromptu Engagement Party

As I let on before with a little teaser, my brother and his girlfriend are now engaged! Alex proposed to Tricia on Memorial Day weekend (on a beach in Florida no less, as he was trying to find a “quiet” spot away from others…kind of hard to do on a beach in Florida during Memorial Day weekend!)

On Memorial Day, my mom called up wondering if they could all crash the bbq she knew we had planned for the day (nothing big, just the five of us grilling out and playing in the splash pool was our plan) in honor of Alex & Tricia. How could I say no when I know Tucker loves a good party.

We quickly added a little fun to the house thanks to our easy to decorate chalkboard fridge & the decorative chalkboard in the playroom. My mom picked up a cake on the way over and an impromptu engagement party had been made.

Tucker loves looking at these pictures over and over saying, “Alex and Tricia are getting married!”.

More to come on wedding details as now I don’t only get to live vicariously through Marcie’s pregnancy but Tricia & Alex’s wedding! She and I went to a bridal show this past weekend and upon seeing something there she said, “This is great for the blog!”. Ha!







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  1. Yay marriage! I’m recently engaged 🙂 Looks like you had a great party!!

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