Hubs & I on the way to Tampa to celebrate our anniversary


Got my read on while in the car. Finished this book during the trip.


Loved this momma kangaroo & her babe topiary at Busch Gardens


& this just might be my new favorite pic of hubs & I


At the casino. This win was off of $15 on a penny slot machine.


But I just couldn't stop & lost it all...well all but $0.13!


Sprinklers in the front yard! I love Lilah's victory arms in this!


4th of July grilling out...hotdogs! Mmmm!


Now if only he could really mow the lawn, his daddy would be a happy man!


Waiting for fireworks. The girls first time because last year they were rained out!


We obviously don't ever stay up this late. Tired.


Cool dude.


Still in 4th of July attire on the 5th...gotta wear all the cute outfits.


Mall walking with great grandpa, the cousins, grandma, and & Aunt B


Hell on wheels in about 14 years guaranteed.


Big girl bed shopping at Ikea!


& big girl bed sleeping that night! They love their new beds! Momma's quite sad at this milestone though.


This girl is into the shoes all day every day. She loves her shoes.

life rearranged

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6 Responses to InstaFriday

  1. Jenny says:

    Great pic of you & the hubs. Yeah for big girl beds! We just moved my little guy a few weeks ago, and other than very early mornings, it is going well. Oh, and which book were you reading? Enjoy reading your blog…

    • Thanks for the sweet comment! Isn’t it crazy how fast they grow up? Big beds already?! The book I was reading was Nosy Neighbor by Fern Michaels. It was good…the first book since spring break that I’ve read besides kids books! Ha!

  2. Such great pics! I love all the 4th of July outfits. And you better hide your credit card from that shoe lover, because it’s an addicting habit. Not that I would know of course 😉

  3. Such great pictures. I love little ones and the sprinklers – they are so much fun to watch.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Great pictures! What book was that?

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