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There is a first time for everything, right? Well this is my first time giving a step by step tutorial on anything relating to the ins & outs of blogging.

I’ve always been pretty tech savvy. I think growing up in my generation (according to about.com we can be called anything from the New Boomers, to Generation Y, to the Millennials) being good with all things gadget is a given. Learning the ins & outs of blogging though, has been a challenge from time to time, but I learn & grow with it every single day.

Last weeks Vlog Talk prompts led me to creating a slideshow vlog for the first time and using Picasa was easy as pudding! You can download Picasa for free by simply doing a Google search. Once you have it downloaded & installed here is what you need to do for the slideshow.

1. Open Picasa and find the folder of pictures you’d like to use. Every time I open Picasa it automatically searches for new pictures I’ve put on my computer and loads them into their program. You can use pictures from one folder (what I did this time) or from multiple folders (what I did for last week’s vlog slideshow).


2. Select the photos you want to use in the slideshow by clicking on the picture and then clicking the green push pin at the bottom (see my arrows).


3. Once you’ve selected your desired photos click ‘Movie’ at the bottom (see my arrow). This is also the same way you’d make a collage using Picasa, but instead of clicking ‘Movie’ you’d click ‘Collage’ that is just to the left of it.


This screen will be what you see as soon as you click ‘Movie’:


4. Edit the settings by picking a new font, font size, font color, and writing your title.


5. Add captions to one slide, five slides, or all the slides. You can do this to as many or as few as you’d like!


6. Sorry these are numbered wrong. I was doing something with the girls in between writing this post & labeled step six wrong. Go me! Anyways…next, add music to your slideshow if you’d like! I use freeplaymusic.com at the recommendation of Sean during a #vlogtalk chat. It’s free and not copyrighted.


7. Add the music to your slideshow. See the next step for a yellow arrow as to where to find this, you couldn’t see it form this screen shot.


8. Upload to your YouTube account to get it ready for embedding on your blog post!


9. This is the final screen you’ll see while the slideshow is uploading. Once finishes just sign in to your YouTube & grab the embed code! Now…wasn’t that super simple?!


I really enjoy using Picasa (& Picnic through it) for all of my editing needs and am so glad to have learned something new that it can do! I hope this helps you create a slideshow (or collage) of your own! Oh…and here’s the slideshow I created while making this tutorial:

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Great job on the tutorial! I’ll have to start using Picasa a little more.
    Kimberly recently posted..When it Rains, it Pours…My Profile

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