Tot School: Week 2 (Ss)

Tot School

{The girls are 23 months old & Tucker is 3 years 9 months old}

7-3-113This past week was a busy week, so Tot School/Pre-School didn’t get the attention I would have liked. This week our focus was on the letter Ss.

It’s amazing how quickly Tucker is catching on to the letters as far as recognition goes and the learning he is getting about the letters. Anytime we see an Mm (learned last week), a Tt (we’ve always talked about T for “Tucker”), and an Ss this week he automatically will call the letter out, without any prompting from me. Anywhere we are, on anything he sees.

7-10-117He can also give me words, mostly ones we are talking about, that start with each letter. & his handwriting of these letters is amazing me. The Ss was harder for him to write on his own this week but the more we practice, the better he gets.

Again, like last week, the girls didn’t get as hands on with Tot School as Tucker did last year, I still have yet to pull out some tot trays for them. I really need to get on that (remind me to put that on my ever growing list of things to-do…along with planning their 2nd birthday! It’s exactly three weeks away!}.

7-10-118We did make our letter Ss craft…a snake this week. We colored and read our letter Ss book. We played in the sprinkers and ate a surprise snack. I plan to do a little more work on the letter Ss this week along with starting letter Ff mid-week.




Our library books this week were:

  • Slithery Jake by Rose-Marie Provencher
  • The Way the Storm Stops by Michelle Meadows
  • Mama, is it Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure
  • Swimming Sal by Carol Molski
  • Do You Want to be My Friend? by Eric Carle (it has a snake throughout the book)


Oh…the trains above are because trains sneak into every week with us! This kid loves his trains! There is also a picture of Tucker washing dishes because that is the new thing he likes to “help” with! Too cute!

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  1. You can never play with trains too much :). I love the collages you put together for your week!

  2. April says:

    Hal Palmer has a cute song about snakes, you can find a video about it on Youtube. We do it at our library storytime with little pieces of yarn representing the snakes!

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