Yes. I’ve decided to go there.

My heart is heavy today and my head is aching.

Any thoughts I have outside of our life right now are with her.

Not the C. Anthony you might be thinking, the other one. Little Caylee Anthony. The C. Anthony whose justice was not served.

I am sure most everyone is tired of hearing the general population gripe about the outcome because even though I’m going to go off on my soapbox right now about it, I am tired, too. If I don’t get these feelings I have running around in my mind out on paper (figuratively speaking of course) I might just go crazy myself.

My opinion on the matter is that the jury was wrong in their deliberations. After hearing Judge Perry’s instructions on the law to them just a few days ago I knew she would not be found guilty of  First Degree Murder because the evidence to support that charge just wasn’t there. Little Caylee’s body sat alone in the woods for far too long for any evidence to show the cause of her death for that charge. I however would have never expected in a million years for Casey Anthony to be walking away from this scott free.

Do I think she should have been found guilty of aggravated manslaughter or aggravated child abuse? Damn straight. How does hiding the death of your daughter (whether it were an accident or not) not account for child abuse or manslaughter? How are people found guilty of things like abuse on an animal or spanking their child, yet the only person who knows 100% what happened to Caylee has been found not guilty?

A definition I found for aggravated manslaughter stated the following:

A person is guilty of aggravated manslaughter if (he/she) recklessly causes the death of
another person under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life.

Casey’s actions were proven time and time again to be reckless. & the only reason she ever admitted to the “disappearance” of her daughter in the first place was because she was caught in her web of lies. The 31 days that she did not report her daughter missing could have gone on for another 31 days after that, or another 365 days, or for however long she could have kept her lies going.

I think the reason why this is taking a toll on me is not only the fact that I am a mother & would never even think about harming my children in any way, shape, or form (or let them go missing for 31 seconds let alone 31 days!) is because living in Central Florida, if she decides to stay here once released I could possibly come face to face with her. It could happen. Not long before this trial started Mike and I were with the kids at Chick-fil-a in Orlando near the Target where Casey used the fraudulent checks and who happened to walk in & have lunch while we were there? Her parents, George & Cindy Anthony. I never expected to see them in person ever but it happened. I would hope to God that I never have to come face to face with Casey Anthony, but it too could happen.

Because although she had a hand in her daughter’s death, she is going to walk free. She will live amongst the rest of us. She will get rich off of her story. She will go on to live “the good life” she so desperately was seeking three years ago.

I would not have wanted to be a jury member in this case. I would not want to live the rest of my life wondering if I made the right choice or not, because I know if I were any one of them, I’d be questioning my decision on a day to day basis.

As someone on Twitter stated yesterday (sorry I can’t reference who, there was so much popping up in a matter of seconds), only time will tell the true outcome of this case. Will Casey go on to search for justice for her daughter or will she wash her hands of this and move on to a new life?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that one.

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8 Responses to Yes. I’ve decided to go there.

  1. Meagan says:

    Life on earth is short. We will all stand before our maker for our judgement day. She will stand before a GREATER judge and jury and suffer a worse fate for all eternity for the crimes she is guilty of.

    • Yes, Meagan…I know you are true about this. It’s just such a hard pill to swallow when such a tragedy has taken place. Makes me hug my own kids a little tighter each night!

  2. Eschelle says:

    *sigh* i agree with you on everything, i hope you never have to run into her and I hope she blows our low expectations of her.

  3. It is the purest definition of tragedy. I didn’t follow the trial or the case closely enough to have an opinion of guilt or innocence in the case of little Caylee’s murder. What I do know is that Casey was not even close to the mother that that little girl needed and that in itself is a crime.

    I almost gasped when I read that you could possibly bump into her while just out running errands. i guess I had never thought about that. I could never imagine.

    • It is such a tragedy, just like you stated. I would have never imagined to come in contact with her parents, my husband and son even almost bumped right into them trying to go to the bathroom because the Chick fil a was packed when we were there. So I just pray I never find myself anywhere near her. I know I would never do anything to her or say anything to her, but I think I’d probably get sick to my stomach if I saw her in person.

  4. Mrs. Weber says:

    I see Meagan above said exactly what I was thinking – she will be judged before the big guy in a big way one day. You bring up some excellent points here. And I agree, it’s scary and disheartening to think you could physically run into her one day. Let’s just all say our prayers little Caylee is brought to justice at some point.

    • Yes, I have tried my hardest the last few days to turn off all news and not even think about it. I look at my own kids and have no clue how some people can hurt such sweet babies! I know, like you both said, in the end she will be judged by her creator and I guess that’s what we need to focus on.

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