Tucker & Lexie think this coupe is made for two!


The kids playing with the girls' birthday present.


Birthday Breakfast at Cracker Barrel!



Being two is tiring.


A swing that is built for two.


Nutella (my new obsession) & pretzels...mmmmm!


I couldn't bear to get rid of these decorations from the party, so I hung the pom poms in their room!


Couch. Laptop. Netflix. What keeps me up late at night.


Diaper Cake Central. My BFFs baby shower is tomorrow!


Hubs keeping the kids busy with playdoh while I work on the cakes.


Pause in cake making to go buy more rubber bands. Halfway there!


Last one. Cakes are mostly done, just need to decorate.

life rearranged

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13 Responses to InstaFriday

  1. emma says:

    holy cow!! how do you keep up with all this?!! my house is a mess & i’ve only got 2 kids. ugh… lol pom poms are rockin’ & great job on the diaper cakes btw!

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your twin girls look so sweet and cute! I love the decorations from their party… and holy diaper cake! You’re a super Mom!

  3. Karla says:

    Wow on the diaper cakes! Your kids are adorable! The pompoms are so fun! Great job!
    Karla recently posted..InstaFridayMy Profile

  4. Stefanie says:

    Netflix is my downfall at night. I stay up way to late watching things like American Pickers since I dont have cable!
    Stefanie recently posted..InstaFridayMy Profile

    • I am hooked on Law & Order SVU! Even though I’ve seen pretty much all the episodes at least once or twice before! Ha! We don’t have cable either, we cancelled it this past year because it started to get outrageous! We do Netflix and Hulu through a Roku box.

  5. Anna-Leigh says:

    My girl got one of those tables too for her birthday! She can’t get enough of it. And yes, Nutella is the bomb!

  6. Kristen says:

    That is a lot of diaper cakes… all for one person?!
    Netflix keeps me up way tooo late as well. Especially now that Mad Men is streaming! Netflix and Twitter make my mornings miserable. I should really stop.

    • Yes…all for one person…they are the centerpieces for the tables at my friends baby shower tomorrow. Netflix & twitter keep me up way too late as well! We should stop, but I’m sure you & I both know that wont happen any time soon 😉

  7. Cara says:

    I always wanted twins. I prayed for them! Didn’t happen so I just smile when I see others that have them. Love the diaper cakes! Hope your BFF knows how much you lover her with all the work that went into those! WOW!

    • Twins are fun, lots of work, but fun 😉 The diaper cakes were a lot of work, but like you said, I love her so it really isn’t like work when you are doing something for someone special! Thanks for stopping by!

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