Mommy & Me Monday: The exhausted edition.

That’s right. I am exhausted. Day one with students went great, but left me pretty darn tired. I have a really good class (or so it seems so far!) and I think fourth grade is going to be so much fun! This momma though? Fell asleep with Tucker after reading him a book in bed tonight. I woke up an hour later and could barely drag myself out of his bed! It’s like today caught up with me & hit me all at once. I wore heels today, and my legs are paying for it now. Guess that means nothing but flats the rest of the week!

This picture was from tonight, so you probably spot that look of exhaustion on my face. Oh, how I love my time with the kids in the evening now that school is back in session! Tucker’s first day of pre-k3 is tomorrow, so another eventful day ahead to say the least!


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3 Responses to Mommy & Me Monday: The exhausted edition.

  1. Jessica says:

    Hope you make it through this week without passing out at work.
    Jessica recently posted..VlogTalk: A Summer of FunMy Profile

  2. Krystyn says:

    i hope you have flats on the agenda again….those first few weeks are exhausting.
    Krystyn recently posted..Mommy and Me Monday at Chuck E. Cheese | The 80th ed.My Profile

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