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Monday Mike took off for me. I had an eye appointment. See those glasses. I thought it would be my last day wearing them 24/7. The last month I’ve worn glasses all day, every day and have hated every second of it. I waited too long to get my eyes checked (um, maybe like almost three years) and my last pair of contacts bit the dust.

Well, if you saw me right now, you’d see I’m still wearing the glasses 24/7. My eyes have gotten so bad, and my new prescription is actually different horizontally in my eye than vertically, so special contacts had to be ordered. They’ll be in by the end of the week, God willing.

The morning of that appointment Mike told me to go do whatever else I wanted to that day since he’d be home with the kids. What?! A whole day of whatever I wanted to do? I ended up meeting up with a friend from work and going to the teacher store to start stocking up on some new things for life as a 4th grade teacher. Then she and I had lunch at Panera.

After I dropped her back off I headed out to Celebration to visit my friend Lynn, her hubs, and their new daughter, Abigail, who was born on my girls’ birthday the day before. She’s purely precious! I ended the day with a quick trip to fabric store and then rushed home to give all my babies hugs & kisses because I sure did miss them! What am I going to do in a week and half when I’m back at work full-time and away from them all day long?! Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.

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  1. Yipee! For a day to yourself. I can’t believe school is starting up again already.

  2. A day to yourself.. lucky lady! You look adorable.
    Yikes.. I’ve never heard of that! Hope the contacts actually make it here by then!
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