This week has been quite a busy, and event-filled one. Some of the events not so good, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from my pictures.

On Monday afternoon, while my some of my fellow teachers were still working in their classrooms, and some students were still at school in the after-school program, something tragic happened. A domestic dispute between a little girl’s parents broke out in our parking lot, leading the father to attack the mother and eventually shoot her then beat her with the gun.

I know. To you this has got to sound like a story, trust me, as my phone began to ring with messages from co-workers, friends, and family who saw word of it on the news I felt like it was all a bad nightmare. Teachers I work with witnessed it all, had to lock themselves in their rooms, and eventually had to write statements for the sheriff’s investigation into what took place. We were told no children were witness to what happened, and thankfully it did happen after school when only a handful of people were still around compared to what it would have been like had it been during the normal school day. 

This was an isolated case, and something that luckily was not directed at the children who attend my school. The county decided to still have police on hand Tuesday (mostly to make sure no news crews tried coming on campus) and a team of psychologists were available to talk to any kids, staff, or parents if necessary. As of Tuesday, the mother was still in critical condition and the father had been in custody since the time of the incident.

Thinking about that little girl, knowing that her life is now forever changed, is hard. Trying to understand why someone would do something like this in the first place, let alone on a school campus where their own child and other children were present, is hard as well. It makes me realize that all children are not as lucky as my own. Not all children have two parents in a loving relationship, not all children come from homes where the extent of violence is a two-year-old scratching her sister when fighting over the same toy. That’s something I need to remember when teaching these students day in & day out.

But, when you look at my pictures from this week, you see how lucky my kids are, our family is, compared to many out there. Some of which, might even be the kids I teach.

20110901-094745.jpg 20110901-094755.jpg

20110901-094801.jpg 20110901-094807.jpg

20110901-094829.jpg 20110901-094837.jpg

20110901-094844.jpg 20110901-094850.jpg

20110901-094857.jpg 20110901-094902.jpg

20110901-094907.jpg 20110901-094913.jpg

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  1. Jenny says:

    Oh my gosh, how scary and awful! Can’t imagine what is happening for that little girl; I’ll be keeping her in my prayers. And on a positive note, that pizza looks NUMMY!
    Jenny recently posted..Five Minute Friday: RestMy Profile

  2. jeands says:

    OMG, that’s a pretty scary thing to happen. Good thing there was no kids around to witness it, must be so traumatic.

    Btw, I love the pedicure shot. I can’t wait to have a bonding date like this with my daughter.

    I’m visiting from Life Rearranged.


    jeands (
    jeands recently posted..Weekly RecapMy Profile

    • Yes, we were so glad that no kids witnessed that horrible situation. I could only imagine what kind of nightmares they’d have if they did. the pedicures were fun, I just do them on us but one day when they are a little bigger I’d love to take them and have pedicures done! So many fun things mothers & daughters can do together!
      TwinkieTotMom recently posted..Twinkie TuesdayMy Profile

  3. jessica says:

    wow! that is so tough, i am def praying for you and for the families involved. rough stuff, glad for the happy pictures tough and here’s to an even better weekend. 🙂 happy friday!

  4. Meagan says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Heather. We truly are beyond blessed. Ever since I heard of this story, this family has been in my prayers, as is your school. Have a great weekend lovin’ on those beautiful kiddos of yours 🙂
    Meagan recently posted..Flavorsome Friday…My Profile

  5. Anna says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! WOW. scary. so so so scary! Glad no children witnessed it, but you’re so right, it keeps us aware of how blessed we are!

  6. Kelleyn says:

    Love the cute little toes!
    Kelleyn recently posted..Labor Day weekend Insta-FridayMy Profile

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