InstaFriday on Saturday.

Excuse me for being a day late. The week we have has got to justify my tardiness. Here’s most of our week in pictures, and if you go here you can see what the majority of our week was unfortunately focused on.

20110916-055309.jpg           20110916-055251.jpg

20110916-055257.jpg           20110916-055319.jpg

20110916-055328.jpg         20110916-055346.jpg

20110916-055337.jpg          20110916-055352.jpg

20110916-055358.jpg           20110916-055418.jpg

20110916-055413.jpg            20110916-055405.jpg


And, a little something extra on today’s InstaFriday. It’s been exactly two years since our girls came home from the NICU at 48 days old. It’s amazing how fast time flies. This week, while Lilah was in the hospital, we were next door to the hospital they stayed in for the first two months of their lives. It always brings a flood of memories back when we are near there. It made me think of all the mommas & daddies visiting their NICU preemies right now. Saying a prayer for all those babies today.



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6 Responses to InstaFriday on Saturday.

  1. Randi says:

    I <3 my preemie! 😉 Although, we were lucky enough that she didn't have to go to the NICU. But, taking care of a 4 pounder is scary in itself.

    They are little fighters!

  2. CourtneyJo says:

    I had to stop by and say hi! I love your blog – I’m a mother of 15 month old twin boys. I’m always looking to connect to other mothers of multiples. Glad I found you!!

  3. Cindy Morris says:

    God is Faithful to keep our little ones growing and healthy!!! We were blessed with both sets of our twins having good weight at the start!!!

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