I went to put together my posts for tomorrow and found my SD card broken. I honestly do not know how it happened. One minute I was taking pictures of the girls tonight while they were eating dinner and the next minute I put the camera down to get them ready for bed. Then just a few minutes ago I grabbed my camera off the counter, took out the SD card, and put it in my laptop.

As I was talking on the phone and trying to upload the pictures I realized the laptop was not reading the card. I took it out, put it back in, and nothing. So I tried sticking it back in the camera to make sure the pictures were still on the card and I get the error code saying, “No SD card inserted”, because my camera has no built-in memory.

At this point I’m thinking, “What the!?” and took it out of the camera again. I look it over and realize that the corner, down by where the metal strips are, is chipped. I have no clue when & how it happened, but it had to have been when I first took the SD card out and put it in my laptop about 15 minutes ago.

I’m so bummed. Luckily I just uploaded the majority of my recent pictures the other night, but there were a few pictures I took over the last few days that I’m guessing are gone for good, one of which being a super cute outfit I had to share for WIWW. Really…I wore it yesterday and it was super cute!

Anyone have any ideas on how to retrieve my pictures?!

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  1. Meagan says:

    Oh MAN! Do you have a technology specialist at your school? See if he/she can help. That’s super crummy. 🙁 You could always put your super cute outfit back on and take pics with another camera. I’ve done ‘next day’ pics before. 😉 Good luck. Such a bummer!

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  3. Never got it fixed, Meagan 🙁 But I did get a new card, so at least I’ll be able to start taking pictures again! Yay!
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