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This is going to be a “rainy day, let’s not go crazy” edition, because it is still raining. & it doesn’t look like it’s going to be stopping anytime soon. That’s over 24 hours of non-stop rain.

While I read some great posts this week, waking up to rain this morning has made me scour my Pinterest board labeled “kiddos” for any and all activities we can do inside today to keep from going stir crazy. I hope this can come in handy sometime for you when fighting the rainy day (or for those of you who live in those crazy snow states and will need some ideas this coming winter) blues.

[July 22 2010 229[5].jpg]

  • Tucker has been loving finger painting at school, so this is something I think all three will enjoy today. I found a uber cute jack-o-lantern craft to do today and these finger paints will be perfect for it!

Tiffany at Easie Peasie shares this awesome homemade finger print recipe and has a tab titled “Toddler Activities” that I’m going to have to investigate further!




  • Another homemade fun recipe…edible play dough! The kids love playing with play-doh, so why not make our own? I figure not only can they play with it, but they can help in the making of it, too!

Sara of “Deal”icious Mom shares ten different recipes for edible play dough…one of which uses peanut butter, which is Tucker’s favorite food to eat!



Beaded Pumpkin Steps

  • Some fine motor skill fun all while making some fall decorations will be something the kids will love today. I think I’ll have Tucker sort out all the orange beads first, because sorting is such an important skill for kids! Allie from Blissfully Domestic shares this easy as can be fall craft!



  • While we are on the subject of fun fall crafts, these last two will be perfect to make today as well! The Frankenstein toilet paper tube guy is adorable…I think I’ll substitute out the golf tees for q-tips though, seeing as we aren’t golfers and don’t have any of those just laying around. You can find this craft over at No Time for Flashcards. Last, but not least, the paper plate ghost! Who doesn’t love a little hanging mobile? I know Tucker and the girls are just going to love making these!

                 Frankenstien Craft      Paper Plate Ghost

I better get busy collecting all the supplies we need for our rainy day fun! Remember, if you were featured this week grab the button below!

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