Mommy & Me Monday: Elf Edition

This year we started the ever popular Elf on the Shelf tradition. It’s tradition here that we decorate the house for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. I decorated the house all day Friday and that evening we put up our tree and decorated it while watching the new Elf on the Shelf cartoon. The kids loved it. Afterward we snuggled on the couch, read our book, and got  a little surprise visit from our elf.

Screen Captures

Yes, we do artificial. Growing up, we always had a real tree & when my dad finally bought an artificial tree when I was in college I fought it tooth & nail. I did not want a fake tree. Low & behold, fake trees are super easy. No watering, no dry needles falling all over, no work at all. One day, when we move and are living in our dream home somewhere where four seasons really happen, we’ll get a real one. Until then, this will do just fine.


Tucker was all about putting the star on the tree. Mike wanted to make him wait until we were all done decorating but I told him to just let him do it! He was so excited to have Mike hold him up & help him put it on!


One of these pictures is not like the other. Can you tell? Tucker was so funny as I was reading. At first, I didn’t know Steve (our elf) had appeared on the couch with us, but once I spotted him I could barely read straight! The kids had no clue.



When we were done reading, we said to Tucker, “Where do you think Steve is?” and he started to look all over, by passing the couch at first. Finally, he turned around and saw Steve smack-dab right there in front of him! He kept saying, “Daddy put him there!” and we kept telling him that he couldn’t have because daddy was the one taking pictures while we read. So I pulled out the camera and showed him. We thumbed through each picture, first the ones Steve was not in, then pointing out when he “appeared”. Tucker was amazed! He really does think he is magical!

The next morning, the kids were eager to find Steve’s new place in the house, which you can see was with Barbie in the car…they thought that was super fun! Yesterday he hung out on the shelf in the playroom and today he’s atop the centerpiece on the dining room table. Steve may or may not be making an appearance at mom’s house too while the kids are there, seeing as Steve is suppose to be always watching in order to report back to Santa each night!

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  1. Krystyn says:

    Is the elf helping the kids? I’ve sort of boycotted it so far….and I guess I will keep doing it.

    But, Steve sure is a super sneaky one.
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