My house of cards.

People ask me sometimes, “How do you do it all?” and I never fully know how to respond. Most of the time I just say, “Well you know, I don’t sleep.”

Which for the most part is true. I am able to function off of very little sleep if need be, not because I learned to do so with kids who didn’t sleep well (I got very lucky with good sleepers, knock on wood), but just because I’ve been able to do so for as long as I can remember.

When I think more about that question it makes me wonder because I feel like what I do is normal, run-of-the-mill, stuff. I work. I take care of my kids, my hubs, and our home. I cook & clean (for the most part). I have my little hobby of blogging and my more time consuming little hobby of sewing.

Are those not normal things that most women do (okay, well take out the blogging and sewing and insert whatever hobby of your choosing you’d like)?

I guess why it seems like I “do it all” as others say is because of my little house of cards.

In my head there’s a little house of cards that I’m creating with each load of laundry washed, folded, and put away. With each new baby blanket sewn or blog post written, it grows. When I’m able to successfully accomplish an outing with all three kids or a craft of some sort, the house gets taller. It grows wider on nights I make a new recipe in order to put dinner on the table for my husband.

My house of cards is practically a freakin’ mansion because in my head I need to be the woman who “does it all”.

But in all honestly, I promise, I don’t. There are weeks when my house goes un-cleaned (sure I’ll tidy up here & there for the looks off it all, but don’t look closely) and I spend an entire day catching up on all I haven’t been doing. There are nights (or two or three) where I don’t cook a darn thing. The kids end up eating chicken nuggets and the hubs scrounges around our pantry and freezer for just about anything. There are times when I sit my butt on the couch with my phone opened to the Pinterest app while the kids play around me instead of me getting down & playing with them.

Why? Because that is life, it’s just not the life I let people see. I guess that’s why we don’t live in glass houses for all the world to see what we do or say behind closed doors.

So, the next time you think I really have it all going on, please realize that sometimes I really don’t. It’s really just me & my little house of cards.

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