Wishing the weekend adieu.

Have you ever had one of those weekends that you really couldn’t wait to end? I know, silly, right? Most of the time we beg for the weekends to last for as long as possible.

Weekends usually mean fun, family time, sleeping in, staying up late. This weekend however was not our stereotypical weekend.

This weekend was a case of the sickies and cranky kids. I mentioned that Lilah started it all off at the beginning of the week and that the other two started to show some symptoms as the week progressed as well. Well, the sickies decided to hang around for the weekend. Lucky us. & because of it, Lilah was super cranky. She seriously cried almost all day Saturday. All day long. We were willing bedtime at 3:30, especially after the kids taking naps that were about 2.5 seconds long.

Today was a little better, she maybe only cried a quarter of the day instead. Big improvement from yesterday. I’m hoping tomorrow we’ll be back to normal and if not I just may go crazy (remember, I have a week off from work, so while Mike is working I’ll be home with our lovelies. I really hope they are lovely tomorrow).

I got out on Saturday a bit to do a little photo shoot with our friends, The Hillens. Melissa had asked me to take their Christmas photos after seeing how well the engagement photos of Alex & Tricia turned out. I’m pleased to say that their pictures came out really well, too! Max, Tucker’s buddy, was the star of the day, doing such a great job posing the whole time!




Seeing their great photos made me want some Christmas photos of our own. Only problem? How do I photograph myself in them? Thankfully my dad loves to take pictures and was willing to come with us today to do a little photo shoot. Between him and me taking pictures, and me cropping & editing, I think we got some good ones (even with sick kids who didn’t really want to cooperate). What do you think? You may notice some of these pictures in the sidebar. I decided to update the hubs & my picture and the kiddos, too. The ones I had up were from a year ago!





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9 Responses to Wishing the weekend adieu.

  1. Love the pictures you took. They look great. I am loving the desk now…so happy that I picked it up last week! Hope your week starts off better then your weekend was!

  2. Great Pictures! You did a great job both times! Hope your little ones start to feel better.

  3. Angie says:

    LOVE the pics! We took the kiddos for pics on Friday! Super exhausting! Gotta get the guts to be part of the pic!
    Angie recently posted..World Prematurity DayMy Profile

  4. Angie says:

    Oh no, sick kiddos are NO FUN!!!
    Hope your little ones start feeling better very soon.

    The photos turned out great. Your kids did better sick than mine do well 🙂

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