Christmas Eve: Part 1

We always spend Christmas Eve with Mike’s family. They do Christmas Eve Mass together and then my sister-in-law’s in-laws (yes, confusing, I know) host an open house for friends an family. Her mother-in-law makes a few different soups (this year was her traditional clam chowder, chicken noodle soup, and a new one, chicken tortilla soup) and has snacks and dessert.

In between church and the soups we opened gifts at my sister-in-law’s house (they live next door to her in-laws so it makes it easy) with Mike’s family. Once the kids were done tearing into all their new gifts, we headed next door to eat, with very hungry tummies! My mom had to work (big time bummer, but she had off Christmas Day, which was most important) but my dad and my grandma joined us for church and then met us for the soups later as well.


{While we waited for everyone to arrive at my sister-in-laws house the kids played in their cousin’s playroom. Tucker always pulls out the trains when we are there. That boy loves his trains.}


{Sydney & Sara did not want to change out of their Christmas dresses, they stayed in them all night long. I however, didn’t get any good pictures of my kids in their Christmas clothes (besides Tucker wearing his in all of them) because I changed the girls into some Christmas outfits I made for them after church…they were so cute though, too}


{It was pretty chaotic once the gift opening started. Mike’s cousins were handing out the gifts and would give them to the kids and they would tear into them before I had a chance to see who it was from or what it was. Tucker was so cute looking at each gift tag and saying “This one says Tucker!” or “This one says me!”}



{And while I didn’t get any pictures of the yummy food or fun that was being had over next door, I did get a few pictures of the kids. The picture of Tucker with his buddy, Luke, is my favorite. Luke’s mom & dad are childhood friends of Mike’s family and live down the road from Mike’s sister. Luke is in Tucker’s class and they are such good buddies. When Tucker saw Luke show up he was so happy!}

Stay tuned for {Christmas Eve: Part 2} to see what we did before we went to bed that night…

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