Christmas Eve: Part 2

The girls had fallen asleep in the car, so by the time we got home, we changed them into their pjs and took a quick picture by the tree. It’s tradition that we get new pjs for Christmas Eve and take a picture in front of the tree.

This year, Steve (our elf) was the one who brought them to us that morning as his last good-bye. Daddy actually didn’t get new pajamas this year though, Steve said he forgot, but Tucker thinks Daddy must have been a bad boy & that’s why he didn’t get them. Too funny!



After we took a few quick pictures (I tried doing a glowing tree picture, but with the kids moving it was so hard to get a good one, this one didn’t turn out too bad though) we put the girls to bed & Tucker stayed up to leave out milk & cookies for Santa.

He picked four cookies, since he’s four, and filled the cup half full of milk. We didn’t want Santa to fill up too much, knowing he has so many other houses to visit & lots more milk & cookies to eat! We then told Tucker he needed to go to bed if he wanted Santa to come.


& then…sometime before midnight, Santa made his visit. One minute our tree has nothing underneath and the next thing we know it’s full of lots of fun things and the stockings were loaded, too.

The kids must have been good this year, because Santa was awfully generous!



DSC_0484Santa must have also enjoyed the cookies we left out. He ate one and took a few bites of the others and then he drank up all the milk and left a little green ring from the icing on the brim of the cup! Tucker got a kick out of this Christmas morning.

Momma & Daddy turned in for the night just knowing the kiddos were going to be super excited when they got up Christmas morning!

Stay tuned for {Christmas Day 2011}…

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