InstaFriday (48 minutes late)

Better late than never. This is two weeks worth because last week, with Thanksgiving, I totally forgot it was Friday until after it was Friday. Go figure.


Thanks hubs for dishes in the sink, New air-dry curls (love them!), Friday Boggle, & everyone needed coffee that morning.


Sweet Lexie with pigtails, wine please!?, Coffee please?! (sick kids weekend), and Lilah saying "NO!"


Dinner thanks to Pampered Chef rice cooker & deep dish baker, Lilah cheesin' it up, watching daddy shave, and my musical Lexie


They play together best when making a mess, more cheesy Lilah, Lilah ate only the cheese in her sandwich, see the rainbow?


Tucker & Daddy fishing.


Skirts for the girls, Daddy's fish, Tucker is into coloring lately, and making Paula Deen's Mystery pecan pie for Thanksgiving.


The girl's turkey day outfits, the before (no after...I forgot!) of the pie, Happy Thanksgiving!


Apples to Apples with the family, my new scarf & bracelet from my friend, Black Friday shopping, meet Steve!


Pretty tree, Golden grahams & water (was really in need of coffee that morning), Lincoln log knock-offs (Timber Trees, they didn't work) with dad, Can you find Steve?

life rearranged

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