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I wasn’t sure I’d get to do this post today because our internet has been out most of the morning. Yesterday was the much talked about Christmas Shower for my future sister (lots to post on it later) so today has been a lot of resting & relaxing. Mike is actually running a few errands right now while the kids are napping, so I was snuggled up in bed watching The Brady Bunch, until I noticed the internet was finally back up.



  • Christmastime begins 2011 068A few of my favorite blogs (well, I know a lot of people who are actually doing this) are participating in the Elf on the Shelf tradition, just like we are. It’s fun to see where Santa’s little helpers are showing up in everyone’s houses from day to day. Are you participating in this fun tradition with your kids? Be sure to check out The Poe Fam & their cute little elf Peeky and The Cox Quad’s elf Pita.


  • I’m a little obsessed (can that be my first confession?) with E, Myself, and I’s new weekly post “Midweek Confessions”. She’s been doing it for a few weeks now on her own, and this next week it’s going to become a new linky party for others to join in as well, and yes, I plan to do so! Who doesn’t have a few midweek confessions to share, I know I do! You should totally join in & tell her I sent you!


  • A blog I love, love, love, has been on a little unexpected hiatus for oh, the last nine months or so & is finally back! I thought I was imagining what I was reading the other day when this post showed up in my reader because I thought Karla from It’s the Little Things that make a House a Home had vanished for good! I’m so glad she’s back & if you’ve never visited her before, or thought she was gone for good too, go check her out, I promise you will love her & her blog!


  • Mr. Willowby's Christmas TreeHomeschool Creations has so many great ideas & printables for the kiddos and just as I was writing this post had this little fun pack pop up! Tucker will love the Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree Printable Pack I’m sure! I think we’re going to have to make a trip to the library for this book so we can read it & then do all of these activities to follow up! Go print this pack and check out all the other great kid’s ideas while you are there!


  • Last, but not least, yesterday was the 10th, which means 10 on 10 hosted by A Bit of Sunshine. While I did take lots of pictures yesterday at the shower, I didn’t follow the one picture every hour for ten hours rule, nor did I do a post yesterday, so I guess it will just have to wait till the first 10 on 10 of 2012 for me to join in again! But…you should totally head on over & check out all the people who did participate! It’s such a fun linky, if you haven’t done it before, you should make it your New Years Resolution maybe?!

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Momma Fancies

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