Smiles under the tree…

DSC_0343On our first official day of Winter Break, the kids and I decided to take it easy. We spent the morning watching Christmas movies and eating cereal and bacon.

I did a little blog reading and Pinteresting (yes, it’s a word, in my dictionary) while the kids played with cars, wore rain boots with pjs, and read books. I attempted some laundry (that of which has been sitting in the dryer the rest of the day) and started a pot of loaded baked potato soup for dinner tonight.

Eventually I changed the kids out of their pjs and into clothes and decided to do an impromptu photo shoot by the Christmas tree. For a room that has very little natural light and three squirmy kids, I think these turned out quite cute.


DSC_0346 It took a little coaxing and the promise of cookies after lunch for the girls to finally sit still long enough to get their pictures.

Tucker, however, has gotten to the age where with a little sweet talking, he’ll take pretty decent pictures for me. His smile looks a little fake at times, because he does this thing where he doesn’t really smile but says, “cheese!” and thinks that is smiling. I have to tell him to laugh or show him with my face what a good smile looks like!

After our pictures, we had lunch and then went for a walk. The kids are napping now, and I might try to get a batch of salt dough ornaments ready for the kids to paint when they get up.


Oh, how these girls can actually be sweet to each other at times! Two two-year-olds doesn’t always make being sweet to each other easy, and I think two girls doesn’t exactly help the equation either. I can only imagine what their teenage years hold in store for us!


I could not get a picture of all three for the life of me today. The girls were way too wiggly and were blurry in every single picture. After editing a bit, I used a fishbowl lens edit to blur them a little more and try to save the picture somewhat. Tucker looks uber cool in this picture if you ask me.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m following you now & on Pinterest too. I just became obsessed with Pinterest. Well not really obsessed, but I do have to check it out every night before I go to bed.
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  2. Randi says:

    I love all of these photos so cute!
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