Midweek Confessions

Midweek confessions are just a day late. Maybe that can be my first confession?

  • I like cleaning the house on a Friday night (I know, way to get wild on a Friday night) mostly because I can wake up on Saturday to a clean house & enjoy it all weekend long while I’m off. Last week I cleaned on Thursday night though to get a jump start on enjoying my weekend.
  • When I was cleaning I realized that I secretly love letting my floors get a little more dusty than desired. Why? I love watching the little dust bunnies fly across the floor when I’m vacuuming. I find it fun to chase after them with the vacuum & finally suck those little boogers up! It makes me think of King Kong (the vacuum playing King Kong & the dust bunnies playing the part of the Japanese running for their lives). I know, my imagination is quite remarkable at times. Must be the writing teacher in me.
  • I almost forgot it was mid-week, thanks to having Monday off (oh, the joys of being a teacher sometimes!) hence the reason why my confessions are a little late.
  • Speaking of teaching, a senior intern started in my classroom on Tuesday & I’m secretly counting down the minutes until she starts to take over the teaching. I cannot wait to get things on my never-ending-to-do-list checked off!

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2 Responses to Midweek Confessions

  1. Katie K. says:

    Love reading your blog… its so fun to see other teacher’s blogs! 🙂

  2. Krystyn says:

    Okay, those are hilarious! I let the floor get dirty because I don’t want to clean it:)

    And, Mondays off totally mess me up, too.
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