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I guess the best way to start out the new year is to finally put together my top posts of 2011. As I sat looking through posts month by month there was so much to remember & reflect on.

I’ve decided to highlight my favorite posts from each month and what I thought might be the most popluar/viewed post of each month.

Without further ado, here are my top 12 favorite posts & the top viewed posts of 2011

My favorite post in January had to be my first project of 2011. I had been wanting to do stripes in our house somewhere and was debating between the foyer & our room. I’m so glad I went with our room because it really made such an impact in there. The top viewed post of January was Post-It-Note Tuesday where I talked about having to be all Viola Swamp on my students. If you’re a teacher you know just what I meant.

Tucker’s Heart Party was my favorite post of February because Tucker can is such a sweet boy & really loves to have all his favorite people over to our house to celebrate! He’d host a party every weekend if it were up to him! The most viewed post of February was my Mommy & Me Monday post where I featured a video of Miss Lilah taking some of her very first steps on her own. We were so proud of her! She didn’t start walking on her own for a whole month longer than that though at almost 21 months old!

The top that stole my heart in March was Twinkie Tuesday: OMG! when Lilah finally started to walk on her own! I honestly was worried she’d never walk, so this was a very emotional day for me! My top viewed post for March was also one of my favorites, too. Me, Myself, and I was really fun to write!

A story I told about an incident that happened with one of my students was probably my favorite post of April. "Because I Stunk" seriously sums up the life of a teacher sometimes! Participating in the Ultimate Blog Party of 2011 for the second year in a row had to be top viewed for the month! If you’ve never joined in the fun, you should really check it out this year.

Being a teacher myself, my Teacher Appreciation post, with a little gift I did for Tucker’s teachers was my favorite of May. What teacher wouldn’t want something as cute as that as a little thank you?! The top viewed post for May had to be my second Vlog Talk. If you’ve never did a vlog, you should really do one of those, too! I’ve neglected them the last half of this year, but plan on getting back into it, maybe as part of my New Year’s Resolutions.

DSC_0012Our First Day of summer had to be one of my all time favorite posts, let alone for the month of June. Just look at my cute kiddos in it?! Who wouldn’t love that, and it was such a fun to-do list to work on all summer long! Rockin’ the Bump was a fun post to do & was also the top viewed post of June!

The two posts I want to feature for July are simply my two favorites. I think they might have been some of the most viewed of the month as well. Who wouldn’t love A Big Girl Room Reveal & Tucker’s (Oh, so cool!) Room Reveal!? The kids loved their new rooms & I loved creating them!

DSC_0921Before I Began Blogging was my favorite post for August because it was fun to see just what I love about blogging & how it changed my life in ways I never expected. One of my What I Wore Wednesday posts was the most viewed for the month…which I’m not sure how when it was of a picture taken at the end of a very long day & I looked quite atrocious!

The birth of my best friends daughter was shared with Happy Birthday, Olivia and it was my very favorite post of September! The most viewed posts was the Play-by-play post I wrote after Lilah had her febrile seizure. Reading it today brings back the emotions like it just happened yesterday.

Tucker turning four (AH! Which means this year he’ll be turning 5!?) and having his Playground Party was my favorite post of October, of course. 10 on 10 was my most viewed for October and was actually the one & only time I participated in 10 on 10. I really need to join in again, maybe this month!

KahounFamilyPicMy favorite post of November was probably actually my favorite post of 2011. A Big Announcement shared something amazing & exciting for our family & and event we are looking extremely forward to in 2012! Vlog Talk & Kids Talkin’ Turkey was the most viewed post of November & was extremely adorable!

Finally, December. My favorite post was Pinterest Test Kitchen where I showed off a Pinterest inspired holiday craft. The most viewed most of the month was also holiday related, Christmas Home Tour 2011.

I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll through 2011 here at Life as we know it with Two Twinkies & a Tater Tot as much as I did! I look forward to another year of blogging and capturing our families memories here as well as continuing to connect with some amazing people through the world of social media.

Happy 2012!

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