10 on 10: February

I remembered this month! But totally wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been up early this morning blog reading on my phone & saw the reminder post from Rebekah!

Now, these were not actually one every hour for ten hours. Had I done that, the bulk of my pictures would be from school, because that’s where the majority of my day is spent on the weekdays. I stretched it to one picture every hour & a half or so.




This girl? I pray she’s an easy child or teenager, because she sure is one strong-willed toddler. Up at about 5:30 every morning. Oh, how my mornings would be so less stressful if she were still sleeping while I was getting ready for work!






This morning the kids shared a McDonalds Big Breakfast with hot cakes. We were out of k-cups for the Keurig & I was in need of some coffee. While I caffeined up on my medium hazelnut iced coffee, they devoured this at my moms. Lilah eats the sausage in about 2.5 seconds flat, Lexie loves the hashbrowns, and Tucker is an eggs & pancakes kind of kid.


Once I finally got to work after the McDonalds run, dropping the kids off, and running by Tucker’s school for more registration papers (big school decisions were made this week for the kids, yes, kids as in plural, more than one. More like all three!) I sat back & watched the kids unpack & get ready for the day while my intern took charge checking agendas & homework. There are some great perks to having a senior intern under your wings!



An hour or so later, I had to actually do a little teaching. I met with a one of my small groups for reading. It’s so hard keeping the kids faces out of these pictures! I sure wish I could share them all with you.




By lunchtime I was more than ready for the break. It’s Friday & most of our tests seemed to fall today. The kids were done by lunch & so was I! Too bad we still had like three hours to go after this was taken! Any bets on what I looked like by the time four o’clock rolled around?

P.S. All I had for lunch was this salad. I was running late & didn’t pack anything else. Good thing the Wishbone Asian Ginger Vinaigrette dressing was really tasty!








After lunch I finished taking pictures of the kiddos. I figured if I had my camera with me for my 10 on 10 photos, I might as well snap some of my fourth graders for a Valentines Day card I have in mind for them to give to their parents next week. It’s totally Pinterest inspired & almost like what I’m doing for Tucker’s class as well. Wait until you see!




Finally, I arrived at my mom’s to pick up the kids. I know Nana was relieved to see me because that little redhead who woke up at 5 am this morning? Ya, she was a real peach all day. Sense the sarcasm?! Oh, terrible twos, we are so over you.


DSC_0211Tucker decided to strip off his shirt not long after we got home. We were waiting for daddy to get home from work and entertaining ourselves the best we could.

Lilah decided because big brother had his shirt off, she had to have hers off & of course, Lexie followed not too long after.

By the time Mike got home though, Tucker had his shirt back on but the girls were still topless. He couldn’t quite figure out why the girls had on no shirts & warned them that this would not be acceptable come their teenage years!

Ha! I can’t wait to see him have that conversation with them one day!


This was my hubs, about 15 minutes ago. Now? Passed out & snoring in the same spot. Me? I think I’ll be joining him as soon as I hit publish! It was a long week!

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