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20120217-093430.jpgOn Sunday, it was really chilly here in Florida. We decided to take the kids to Monkey Joes for some indoor play.

It took Lilah a little while to warm up to it, of course, but Tucker and Lexie had a blast! They climbed and slid and bounced to their hearts content.

Lilah finally found a little bounce house that she was able to climb in & out of unassisted and liked that.

Afterwards we headed to Bass Pro for Mike to spend a gift card. See trouble?!


20120217-093436.jpgOn Valentines Day, the kids enjoyed their pink pancakes & pink milk and the fun goodies we got them.

That night we headed to the local Silver Spurs Rodeo & Fair.

You may remember my post about it last year. The one where I told you we don’t celebrate Presidents Day here in Osceola County but rather Rodeo Day instead. So yes, today, the kids & I are off for Rodeo Day.

The kids loved riding the rides & eating the fair food, as did we.



Mike took Tucker to get two new tires for my car the other night. I had gotten two others a few weeks ago and then ended up popping one tire (thankfully not one of the new ones) on a curb. Don’t even get me started on how it happened. I was taking Tucker to school, so he keeps telling me “Mom, don’t get so close to the curbs!”

life rearrangedI kept the girls home with me, so we played, ate Bagel Bites for dinner, and had some bath time fun.

See that picture below of Lexie & her rosary? Oh, how Yaya will be proud! This girl wears her rosary all.the.time!

I ended off the week by heading out on the town with one of my favorite girlfriends, Christina! We went to Café Tu Tu Tango for dinner & drinks & lots of talking! It was the perfect way to end a crazy work week!


1. The love of my life is my little family of five.

2. Falling in love is something I hardly remember, it was ten years ago that Mike and first started dating. I miss those beginning stages sometimes though. When everything was new & exciting. Learning the ins & outs of each other.

3. Marriage is lots of work. A give & take. But the unity of two people who walk through life’s ups & downs together.

4. The longest relationship I’ve ever had was this one. Ten years together, almost 6 years married.

5. The key to a good relationship is be honest with each other and working together in all circumstances.

6. I feel loved when Mike remembers to put a trash bag liner in the trash can after he’s taken the garbage out or when he’s done a chore (like dishes or laundry or mowing the yard) without me even asking. Yes, that is also what marriage is Winking smile

7. My favorite quote about love is from the Bible. You know the one I’m talking about. 1 Corinthians 13.

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