Midweek Confessions

  • I usually participate in What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy today along with my new Midweek Confessions, however, this past week I took not one photo of me all dressed up (for work or otherwise). & I don’t have the energy to scour Pinterest for a “What I Wish I Was Wearing” fashion dream post. Today, I’m being lazy.
  • I make all four beds in our house 99.9% of the time (I make our bed 100% of the time, it’s just the kid’s beds that miss out on the 0.1% when I’m running super late). Today, was one of those 0.1% days.
  • I feel like the entire house is a complete mess if the beds are not made. Honest. Oh, the playroom must be picked up, too. & the dishes in the sink done (most of the time my husband misses this last step. Yes, it’s his job to do any left over dishes in the morning seeing as I get myself & three kids out the door. It’s really the least he could do, I’m sure you agree).
  • Speaking of said Husband, while I was trying to deal with a fussy Lilah & do my hair yesterday morning, he called me from his peacefully quiet car (can you tell I’m a bit jealous that he only has to get himself to work each morning?! Oh, and home each afternoon, while I’m left with three loud kids on my car travels?) to discuss what we are going to do to celebrate his birthday. You can probably imagine what my response to him consisted of in the .5 seconds I continued our conversation.
  • Yes. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow & as of right now we have nothing planned. Well, if my school fieldtrip with 19 fourth graders to Legoland and rushing to Tucker’s pre-K Open House afterwards can be considered nothing?
  • I’ve brought home a stack of my student’s writing papers to look at since Friday & still have yet to finish them. Is it bad that I’m ready to start counting down until the last day of school? I think we are at about 85 or so?
  • Oh, & I played King Kong vs. the Japanese again this weekend. Seriously, never going to be able to vacuum again without searching for the dust bunnies.

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2 Responses to Midweek Confessions

  1. Jenny says:

    Only 85 days until the end of the school year??? That is awesome. That means summer is coming soon…Yay!! Longer days of sunlight! Hopefully the rest of the week goes better. Sounds like it has been a tough one for you so far.
    Jenny recently posted..Challenge Wednesday #19My Profile

  2. Beth says:

    1. I am so impressed you make the beds that often. I LOVE having a made bed. I often make the bed right before I get in, just so I can get into “crisp-er” sheets. I probably make our bed in the morning 3 -4 days a week only.

    2. I always have a stack of papers I bring back and forth from school to home each day and somehow…. keep forgetting to grade. And I am super amazed your school year ends in 85 days! I’ll have to count and see when ours ends (although I’m leaving at spring break for maternity leave, so it doesn’t matter to me).
    Beth recently posted..On My Immediate FamilyMy Profile

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