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I’m a complete slacker on my Momma Fancies posts lately. All I can say is, I’m sorry.

My kids love, love, love cereal bars. Okay. They love all food really. Tucker & Lexie though, really do like cereal bars. Tucker always has one on the way to school on Tuesdays & Thursdays (yes, I’m that mom that gives her kid a super quick & easy breakfast meal on school days) and I’m wondering if they’d like these homemade ones. They look super yummy! Tricia at Once a Month Mom offers up a great video tutorial (yes, vlog!) on how to make them.

Didn’t I just mention this verse just a few weeks ago? How much did I love opening my reader the other morning and finding this free printable from Paige of Pink Lemonade for my favorite quote about love! I am in search of the perfect spot for a framed one of these in my house as we speak.

Jeannett of Life Rearranged hosts the ever popular weekly InstaFriday link up that I participate in and shared some fun news recently. It first started with her announcement of baby #4 and now with her second announcement with baby #4 being a sweet baby boy! I love their story because their first is a boy (like our Tucker, about the same age, too) and then they have twin girls (about the age of ours) and now baby boy #2 on the way. I love it because if we were to have one more, I’d love to have one more little boy. Head on over & check out Jeannett’s blog if you never have, she does some awesome fundraising through it, all because of the life they life.

I love, love, love the chairs Kristin of LuBird Baby painted for her dining room table. This post was actually what gave me the push to finally paint the chairs at our table (I promise, post with good pictures of mine to come soon!). I also love her huge table (I want it!) and the fact that she did a bunch of mismatched wood chairs. Makes it so much fun! Don’t you agree?

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Momma Fancies

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