Midweek Confessions

  • My confessions seem to be a day late almost every week lately. Maybe I should turn mine into end of the week confessions instead.
  • As much as I am a list maker, there are still things I forget because sometimes I forget to look at said lists. Like today, I paid our utility bill two days late because I simply hadn’t looked at my “bills to pay” list for this month. Oops.
  • I should set up our utlities on auto-pay, like most all of our other bills are, but since that bill is one that can fluctuate from month to month I am scared to. Especially living here in Florida, the summer months usually bring quite high bills when it comes to all the AC we use!
  • Sometimes I wonder what my blog would have been like had I started it back when I was in high school. I’ve always loved writing and would have LOVED to have had a blog back then. Just imagine all the teenage drama that would consume these confessions each week?

  • This weekend was suppose to be Phase 3 of the kitchen renovation (I know, I still need to post about Phases 1 & 2…it’s on another one of those lists I make and never remember to look at) but I think I’m a little DIY burnt out after all I did during spring break. This weekend is going to be dedicated to fun & family instead.
  • April 1st is Sunday. That means tomorrow I will play some tricks on my students. I’ve never done this with past students, but I teach 4th grade now & they will totally love a little trickery.
  •  These confessions seem pretty boring. Sorry ya’ll.


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  1. Kristi H says:

    Can’t wait to see the kitchen post! I love home improvements! We have lots of things on a list to do as soon as our little angels (Ha!) stop being so destructive! We’d be in a mess without auto-drafting our bills since we’re on the road half the year! We only have 1 we have to write a check for and it’s quarterly 😉
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