Potty Talk Update

So. An hour into potty training twins & I was down a kid.

I woke up just before 7 am and decided to take a quick shower, because I knew if I didn’t get one first thing, it wasn’t going to happen. Lilah was already awake at this point, knocking on her door, but I let her wait for me to shower.


Once I was ready for the day, I let the girls out of their room (Lexie was up by this point as well) and brought them into my bathroom where my artillery awaited them. I started to talk up the going-on-the-potty gig and got them both to take turns sitting on the little potty (no go) and changing into their pretty panties.

DSC_0783I set my phone for 15 minutes and gave them some juice & cereal. When the timer went off, Lilah wanted nothing to do with sitting on the potty again. Lexie did (no go, again) and the timer was set for another 15 minutes. Lilah was told she could either sit on the potty or go back into a diaper.

You guessed it. She chose diaper. Potty Training: 1, Momma: 0.

DSC_0788After doing our 15-30 minute potty breaks, Lexie finally went on the potty for the first time around noon. Yes. The girl held it until lunch time. She actually can hold it all day. Yesterday, while we were at Legoland (a whole ‘nother post to come!) she didn’t go until around 2pm. I was so happy she finally went. She got to pick out a sticker & a skittle and got lots of momma hugs.

DSC_0805The kids had lunch and then Lexie sat on the potty again before nap time (no go). I put pull-ups on her as a precaution but went over & over with her that she was not to pee in her pretty princess pull-ups because she didn’t want to get the princesses dirty. It worked, because two & half hours later, she woke up dry as a bone. I let her have a few minutes to wake up (she is usually grumpy when she first gets up in the morning or after naps) and when we went to sit on the potty I found she had pooped in her pull-up! Dirty princesses, it is, I guess.

She sat for a little while after this with no go, yet again. Mike got home from work by this point and we had dinner a little while later.


To make a long story a little less long (if that’s possible at this point in such a boring post about such a topic) she spent most of the evening sitting on the potty to not go anymore. That’s right. So yes, if you are counting, she went pee a total of one times today. She promised Mike she’d sit on the potty in the morning & go. We’ll see. I’m still sticking with it though. I know she is ready, it’s just a matter of her realizing she is.


P.S. Tucker totally made me make him a “potty chart” sheet on a piece of scrap paper from his room. He then proceeded to put a sticker on it each time he used the bathroom today. His is full. Now, if only Lexie & Lilah could learn from him! Ha! Their big brother can be quite the clown (cue pictures above) sometimes!

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